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Unsure whether your 15 megabits per second is a fast internet speed or not? What are the activities that can be done through that? Today, let us take an in-depth look at the same-


Is 15 Megabits (Mbps) Per Second Fast Internet Speed?

Whether 15 Mbps per second is considered a fast internet speed entirely depends on your usage and the number of individuals connected to the connection. If you’re looking for the fastest internet connection speed, it surely isn’t the one to go for. However, if you’re looking for a stable internet speed that does all your basic tasks with a limited number of active users, then 15 Mbps per second is surely a good internet speed to go for.

In a nutshell, it is fair to say that if you’re looking for basic internet usage with limited such as 1-2 users per device, having a 15 Mbps internet speed can work well for you. But for any high data usage activity such as streaming 4k videos, or downloading or uploading large files, going for a 15 Mbps speed will become a headache.


Factors to go for before choosing an internet speed connection

Choosing your internet connection speed is not a normal decision as it will affect your browsing experience a lot and thus, it is vital to go through some factors and keep a check on it before you opt for your internet connection speed-

1- Usage

The first very essential factor that can become the deciding factor is your usage of the connection. First, ensure what you’re looking for. For eg, if you want this connection for your basic day-to-day life activities or your office work. You need to ensure the purpose that is going to be fulfilled through the connection. For any heavy tasking such as gaming or video streaming, this speed will not be satisfactory.

2- Number of users

Another essential point is the number of users connected to the connection. If there are more than 2 or 3 people using the same connection at the same time, then going for the 15 Mbps speed idea will become problematic for you. However, if you’re limited to 1-2 active users with basic activity (no heavy usage such as live streaming or gaming or downloading/uploading), then it is good to go number for you. 

Tip- If you’re using a 15 Mbps internet speed connection with multiple users, then make sure that you do not have more than 2-3 active users at a time. 

3- Type of devices

Along with the number of active users, you also must make sure that how many devices are connected at a time with that connection. If you’re using more than 2-3 devices, then it will impact heavily on your internet speed. However, if you’re maintaining 1-2 devices with basic usage, you can have a proper speed without any interference. Also, how an upgraded device you’re using matters. If it is a high-end one, it will churn up more internet data than the usual ones. 

4- Regularity

If your work demands regular large file downloading or uploading or you’re a frequent user of Netflix, YouTube and other movie streaming websites, or you like streaming videos in 4K, or maybe you’re into competitive online gaming, then you must not opt for any less than 100 Mbps data speed as it would give you the best experience for all such activities. However, you need to see the regularity of such work first. If it is not more than 1-2 times a month, you can manage with your existing data speed plan only.


Activities that can be done through 15 Mbps speed

What are those activities that you can easily do through the 15 Mbps internet connection speed? Let us take a look ahead-

  • Web surfing- With the 15 Mbps connection, you surely can enjoy basic web surfing easily. In this, activities such as checking and sending emails, searching on the web, using social media platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram or making essential usage of the internet can be done without any interruptions. 
  • Video calling- If you think that you will need a very high Mbps speed for video callings, then you’re entirely wrong. The minimum speed you need is as low as 5 Mbps and if you’re using 15, then it is considered to be a satisfactory one for making video conferencing. You surely can have a video call through your connection if you’re in the network.
  • Basic gaming- Please know that we are not talking about any high-end gaming usage here. But basic gaming can for sure be done easily at this speed. So if you’re not into something competitive, you can try using this speed connection for your gaming experience. However, please ensure that while using it for gaming, disconnect your other devices for the optimum experience. 
  • Movie streaming- If you can watch movies in standard resolutions, then you also can watch your favourite movies through this connection very well. However, if you’re expecting a 4k resolution, then it might not be the fit for you.


Wrapping up,

After going through all the given points here, you for sure can decide whether to stick with your 15 Mbps internet data speed or go for more. Go through all the factors and also see if the pricing fits your bill or not as it also plays a role in it as you will have to pay the bill every month and with 15 Mbps, you can be reasonable, and economic for sure. Also, if you’ve any more doubts or queries related to the same, feel free to comment below.



1- Is 15 Mbps fast enough for YouTube?

If you’re okay with not streaming the video in 4K resolutions, yes, you can even go for the 15 Mbps internet speed for streaming videos on YouTube. However, for the best experience, go for 100 Mbps.

2- Can I do unlimited surfing with 15 Mbps?

There is no definite answer for the same as 15 megabits per second is the speed of the internet and that can only measure the speed ability to perform activities and not for how long you can do it. For that, you must check the data you have.


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