Is 64GB Enough For an iPad? (What To Consider Before Buying)
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Is 64GB enough for an iPad? How to choose a suitable storage iPad? If these are the questions you’re searching for an answer to, this guide is all you need. 

Today, we will be discussing the suitable storage of your iPad as per your usage and what other factors are there to consider. Let us read the same below-


Is 64GB enough for an iPad?

Answering this question with a yes or no will be unfair as, for many, having a storage of 64GB is more than enough, while for others, it is not even half of their requirement. Therefore, to conclude that whether 64GB is enough storage for an iPad depends on various factors and usage mainly.

It depends on multiple factors, and the main element is the type of user. The use case relies on the kind of user and their requirements with the same. Let us see some of them below-

1- For photographers-

If your main purpose for using the iPad is to store your content or to edit them on your iPad, then having the 64GB storage iPad is surely not going to be a wise option for you. Irrespective of what level of photographer you are, 64GB can surely be a regretful decision that you may make. 

If you talk about the reason, it is because when you’re shooting from a good camera, let’s say, a DSLR, iPhone camera or a mirrorless one, the picture’s size will be large as they produce the RAW images. 

You can expect it to be somewhere around 25-40 MB, and saving those images on an iPad worth 64GB storage will not be possible. For nominal usage, using 1TB or 2TB models is recommended, as you will require various applications to be installed for editing purposes.-*

2- For graphic designers

For graphic designers, although the storage shouldn’t be as vast as for photographers, they have certain more things needed, such as various plugins, PNG files, stock photos, brush presets, etc., and that’s where they need the space. Editing applications and professional software require a lot of space, and that’s why our recommendation for them is a 1TB or 512GB model. But if you go any lesser than these, you may struggle a lot with your iPad’s storage.

3- For travellers

Most people prefer keeping an iPad while travelling because it’s handy and can be a smart replacement for your laptop. If you are among those and your primary usage with the iPad is to do all the office work that you perform on your PC, then going for the 64GB may be a hard thing for you.

You may need it to fill it up with files, PPT, software, plugins, etc., and that requires a good amount of space. Although you do not need to go for 1TB or 512GB, you still may be able to manage it with the 256GB model.

More or less solely depends on your usage with it, and thus, upgrading or degrading a model less or more would work.

4- For streaming purposes

If you’re that avid movie streamer who loves watching movies and downloading them so that you can see them even without having access to the internet, you need to have at least a 128 GB model of an iPad. 

There are various reasons to support this, such as getting high-resolution HD videos and downloading multiple files and movies so that you can have a good collection of content with you. 

If you combine it with your official work, then going for a model up will be beneficial for you, and if not, 128 is enough.

5- For gamers

Gaming on iPad? Yes, people do that and if you’re among those, then going for at least a 256GB model is apt for you. No way 64GB will do as it will be highly less and insufficient storage model for your requirements.

For a gamer, downloading games, good RAM and enough hard disk options are recommended. If you are aiming for multi-purpose usage, then yes, 512GB or even 1TB will work, while if it is just for gaming, your work will be done in 256GB storage only.

6- For multi-purpose users

If you’re not among all the above-mentioned categories, you surely fall under the multi-purpose user category. To define it, it is someone who wants an iPad for everything. Be it for watching a movie, doing office work, saving pictures, editing it or your day-to-day surfing, you need an iPad for all of it. 

Unless and until there’s no heavy work involved, 64GB is suitable for you. But if there’s some such activity involved that requires heavy work, it is ideal that you go either for 256 or 512GB models.


Choice of storage- iCloud or local?

One more factor that can be the deciding point to know whether 64GB is enough for your iPad is the choice of storage. If you’re using iCloud, you do not need to restrict yourself to specific storage as you can use as much space as you want. 

Be it back up your data such as documents, photos, videos, iBooks, apps or more, everything can be done with iCloud easily. If you want to use the free space, you will get up to 5 GB of free storage, but if your data goes beyond the limit, you can extend it up to 2 TB by paying the same for it. 

And when we talk about local storage, it does not have any fixed limit as it can be extended through various options. Let us take a look at them-

Local storage

For local storage, you can go for an external drive, and that would surely help you in increasing your storage capacity without upgrading your iPad from 64GB to its higher model. Other than that, you can also take the help of an SD card and use it for memory purposes. However, factors such as your iPad’s model and usage, you will need the following adapters for the connectivity-

  • USB-C to SD card reader
  • Lightning to USB 3 adapter
  • Lightning to USB adapter
  • Lightning to SD card reader

Please note that since you will not be able to format your card on iPad, you will require your PC for the same. Also, the USB drive will only have file formats supporting FAT32, FAT, exFAT, and APFS. For connecting an external hard disk, you will require to use the powered drive.


  • Instant accessibility- You do not need to download it from iCloud to use it.
  • Secured- Your data will be saved and secured with the drive.
  • Flexibility- Whenever you want to increase data storage, you can buy the disk and for sharing it with someone you know; you just need to hand over the drive, and it’s done.


  • Easy to lose- If you lose your hard disk, all your data will be lost and thus, there’s a risk of getting your data lost.
  • Not accessible everywhere-If you want to share your data with someone online, you can not do it unless you save it somewhere else. You need to hand over the disk, which may be a hustle at times.
  • Expensive- You will have to spend a good amount on drives as they’re not generally cheap.


Cloud storage

Cloud storage, as said above, is convenient and easily accessible to everyone and everywhere. But how is that better than the local storage, or how is it less than the local storage? Let us read it here with the advantages and disadvantages of the same-


  • Inexpensive- if we compare it to the local storage, then you can surely find it way too cheaper than that as you can buy the storage as per your usage or even can upgrade it in future if required.
  • Convenient- It is convenient and easily accessible as you just need to log in to your iCloud and access the data, which is easy.
  • Safe- Your data will be safe as it will be stored in iCloud, and backups will be done by the servers.


  • No access without internet- If you do not have a working internet connection, you will not be able to access your data.
  • No flexibility- If in case you wish to change your cloud service provider, you will have to face issues while transferring your data from one to another.


Price per gigabyte

Pricing matters a lot. Once you know your usage and expected storage from your iPad, you should see to the pricing of the iPads and decide whether you have the budget for the same or not. Here, for your reference, we have listed down the pricing of all the latest models of iPads.

Apple iPad 10.2 2021

Apple iPad 10.2 64GB: $329

Price per gigabyte: $5.14

Apple iPad 10.2 256GB WiFi Model: $479

Price per gigabyte: $1.87

Apple iPad mini 6

Apple iPad mini 6 64GB: $499

Price per gigabyte: $7.80

Apple iPad mini 6 256GB: $649

Price per gigabyte: $2.54

Apple iPad Air M1 2022

Apple iPad Air M1 64GB: $599

Price per gigabyte: $9.46

Apple iPad Air M1 256GB: $749

Price per gigabyte: $2.93

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch 2021

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch 128GB: $799

Price per gigabyte: $6.24

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch 256GB: $899

Price per gigabyte: $3.51

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch 512GB: $1,099

Price per gigabyte: $2.15

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch 1TB: $1,499

Price per gigabyte: $1.50

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch 2TB: $1,899

Price per gigabyte: $0.95

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2021

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch 128GB: $1,099

Price per gigabyte: $8.59

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch 256GB: $1,199

Price per gigabyte: $4.68

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch 512GB: $1,399

Price per gigabyte: $2.73

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch 1TB: $1,799

Price per gigabyte: $1.80

Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2TB: $2,199

Price per gigabyte: $1.10

  • Is a 64GB iPad enough for me?

A 64GB storage iPad may or may not be sufficient for you. There are various factors associated with the same. To know the same, check the above-given section.

  • Can we upgrade the storage on the iPad?

Although you can always go for the greater plans of iCloud or buy the greater space hard disk, it is not possible to upgrade the storage plan of your existing iPad. However, you can always buy new ones.


Wrapping up

So, there’s no yes or no to the question if 64GB is enough for your iPad or not, as it depends on many things that we have already shared above. So, we recommend you to know your usage first and once you’re confirmed with it, go with the desired storage iPad that fits your bill. For any doubts, please comment below.


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