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Adguard DNS is a public DNS service that allows users to block unwanted ads, malicious websites, and tracking systems. It can be configured on any device that allows custom DNS settings which includes most modern-day computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. 

It is a great tool to protect your device and personal information from reaching any hackers or unwanted areas on the web. As with most DNS providers, most new users have their doubts when it comes to Adguard DNS. In this article, we will discuss the credibility of Adguard DNS and everything related.


How to use Adguard DNS?

Unlike other custom DNS services, using Adguard DNS is pretty straightforward. Here is how you can get Adguard DNS on your device:

  • Step 1: Install Adguard DNS on your device from Adguard’s official website. 
  • Step 2: Run the setup wizard and choose what kind of protection you need. 
  • Step 3: Once the setup is complete, the program will start working as you chose previously. 
  • Step 4: You can further adjust settings in a detailed manner. Once you are done, connect all devices you need protection on and you are good to go.

Note: Though available on mobile devices, we recommend setting up Adguard DNS on a computer system as it provides a more detailed and seamless experience. You can later connect your mobile devices after setting up the program.


Adguard DNS Features

Adguard DNS is a feature-rich DND service that allows users complete protection during their browsing sessions. Here are some of its most prominent features:

1. Domain blocking management 

Blocking certain domains is always a first consideration for most custom DNS users. With Adguard, you get a specified interface wherein you can add domains that you want to be banned from your network. You can also easily edit this list in the server settings. The system provides full control to the user as you also get the option to create custom rules for websites. 

2. Parental control

Child locking is one of the most common reasons people look for custom DNS. Adguard has a menu designed specifically for exactly this. When enabled, it identifies adult and illegal content automatically and filters it out for your child. Additionally, parents get detailed control of the system wherein they can choose to block specific domains (such as a gaming website) and also set a schedule for when the system will be live.

3. Ad blocking

The internet is filled with ads and popups no matter which website you browse on. While some of it is justified, it certainly impacts your browsing session most times in a negative manner. With Adguard you can guarantee your experience on the internet will be seamless and ad-free. It will block ads on all the devices connected to its custom DNS network even if you do not have an extended ad-blocking program installed. 

4. Tracker blocking

Online entrepreneurs have faced an insurmountable amount of criticism in recent times ever since evidence has been found that private information may be leaked during your internet browsing sessions. If you use Adguard, you can be carefree about this problem. It will block any third-party interference and block any entity that tries to steal your personal data for their own use. 

5. Assistant

At times users tend to forget to add specific websites. Moreover, even for programs like Adguard DNS, sometimes certain ads and websites go amiss. With this program, however, users are provided with an assistant that can be prompted if they encounter anything unwanted during their browsing session. 

Just call out the assistant and it will instantly remove the said unwanted activity from your webpage or block the domain permanently if that is what you want. You can also report a false positive (a website that is mistakenly banned) to the assistant.


Is Adguard DNS Safe To Use?

As mentioned above, Adguard DNS comes packed with features that cover all kinds of users. It is a great tool for private and safe browsing. It comes from a reputable brand such as Adguard which has been around for several years. Here are some reasons why Adguard DNS is safe to use:

1. DNS Redirection Only

Adguard DNS only provides a custom DNS gateway service. In simple words, it does not access your private browsing sessions. Instead, it provides a custom path for you to go live on the internet. This path protects you from malicious interference, all of which is what you set up in the program’s settings menu.

2. It is open source

Open-source projects are those whose code is publicly available; anyone can modify them as per their liking for personal usage. Adguard DNS is another one of these open-source projects. Programmers have personally customized it and gone through it to confirm that it does not contain any malicious functionality. 

3. Use policy transparency

Adguard is publicly transparent about whatever data it requires and collects while operating Adguard DNS. All this data is safe for users to give away and since it is publicly accepted by the company, it proves to be a good sign of trustworthiness. 

4. Consistent system updates

Many users ignore how pivotal system updates are for the safety of an application. As time progresses, new websites and cyber threats continue to see the light of day. Adguard is consistent with its system updates to keep its users protected from these threats by adding more features and upgrading the preexisting ones. 

Note: While Adguard is safe to use, we always recommend downloading it directly from their website. Choosing a third-party installation solution may seem quick (and possibly cheaper), but it is exactly how cyber threats reach out to you. 



Adguard DNS is a reliable application for customizing internet browsing sessions for all your devices. It comes with a variety of features that protect you from any unwanted content. While it does not do the job of a VPN, it can go a long way for the basic protection of unwanted content such as adult websites, ads, tracking systems, etc. As discussed above, it is extremely safe to use Adguard DNS.


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