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Meta recently rolled out a new update for its Threads app for iOS, giving users different new features to explore. 

The news was shared by Instagram Software Engineer Cameron Roth on Threads, saying the company employed “a system of server-delivered flags which can take a while to fully release.” Roth then suggested that Threads users restart their app or wait for the features to appear. 

One of the features included in the update is the new Follows tab on the Activity Feed, allowing easier viewing of accounts users are following, though it might also include other recommended posts from AI. Speaking of AI, Threads should now have an intelligent translation feature. Roth said that the translation capability included in the new version of Threads will employ the same AI-powered translations found in Instagram.

As per Roth, other features include:

  • Subscribe to unfollowed users
  • Activity feed scrolling + loading improvements
  • Following + on Thread replies page
  • Tappable reposter labels
  • Open the IG followers list
  • A few small crash fixes
  • More binary size cuts
  • A handful of other small bugs

The new update is part of Meta’s continuous effort to polish the platform, which is now deemed as one of Twitter’s biggest challengers at the present time. To recall, the launch of the app was a success, allowing it to garner 30 million downloads on its day-one launch. In the following days, it reached a hundred million, and the app now has a total of 115 million users. Unfortunately, the app’s popularity has attracted the attention of questionable app developers, resulting in copycat apps on Play Store, especially in the EU markets where the app is prohibited.


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