What Does It Mean if LTE Calls Are Turned off Sprint?
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If you are a Sprint device user, then you may be wondering what it means if LTE calls are turned off. This article will examine what LTE calls are and why they could be turned off.


What Do LTE Calls Mean?

LTE stands for “Long Term Evolution,” an evolution of the 3G network. Since it uses different radio waves than 3G, it can reach farther into areas where people might have poor coverage with other technologies.

LTE calls are different from traditional cellular calls. They typically require a compatible smartphone. They’re also more expensive than regular calls because they involve more data usage.


How to Fix if You Get an Error Saying LTE Calls Are Turned Off by Sprint?

If you’re getting an error saying LTE calls are turned off by Sprint, you can do a few things to get your phone back on track.

Reset Network Settings

If you get an error saying LTE calls are turned off by Sprint, it means your phone is not receiving LTE data from the carrier. This can happen if the phone’s network settings have been reset or if it has been upgraded to a new version of the OS.

In such a scenario, you should reset your phone’s network settings and upgrade your operating system.

Clear Data Cache

You could also get an LTE calls error if your cache data has not been cleared. Clear the data from your phone, and then try connecting again.

Restart Your Phone

Restarting your phone is the simplest solution to the LTE calls error. You should, however, ensure your data and WiFi are turned off when restarting your device.

Check Area Coverage

You can also try and check your coverage. Sometimes, the network you’re on isn’t as good as you’d expect. Try moving to an area with better coverage or use another phone that may have better connectivity.

Change Your Carrier

If you’re having issues with your carrier and LTE calls are turned off, it’s likely because your phone has been activated on the wrong network. You can change your carrier to see if you can make LTE calls.

To do this:

1) Go to Settings > Cellular Networks > Preferred Network > Select the carrier you want to use (Sprint, Verizon, etc.)

2) Go to Settings > Cellular Networks > Access Point Names > Enter the APN (Access Point Name) for your preferred network.

Check Your Device Settings

You should also check your device settings. Try hard booting your device or resetting the device to ensure you can make LTE calls again.

Upgrade Your OS

Upgrading your operating system is one of the best solutions if you cannot make LTE calls.

Reinstall Your Apps

You should try reinstalling or updating all your apps if you’re getting an LTE calls error. Sometimes, certain apps can cause problems with your calls, and updating or reinstalling those apps may help solve this issue.

This issue might also be caused by a bug in the software or a change made by your carrier. Try restarting your phone, then re-downloading all the apps that were previously installed.

Customer Care

Lastly, you can try calling customer care if you’re still unable to make LTE calls. Sprint customer service can help you with the appropriate settings. They will also check if there is a known outage in the area.

Apart from this, you should also check if your device is compatible to make LTE calls. Most new devices can make LTE calls; however, phones more than five or ten years old may not be able to make these calls.

Check if Your Data Is Not Capped

If you’re getting an error saying LTE calls are turned off, your carrier likely has a data cap on your phone plan – and if you’ve been using too much data, they’ve capped your service. In most cases, this means that when you try to make or receive an LTE call, your phone will tell you that the call isn’t allowed because of the cap.

The best way to get around this is by switching to a different plan with more minutes or data allowance. You can also contact your carrier and ask them about removing the cap completely.



There is no doubt that it is great to have the ability to make and receive calls on your smartphone, even when you are in remote areas with limited coverage. However, if these LTE calls are turned off on your device, it can limit its capabilities.

This article was intended to help you in case you are having LTE connectivity issues. Try some of these methods the next time you get an error saying LTE calls are turned off. If the error persists, you should also ensure you speak with Sprint customer service.

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