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Chinese contract manufacturer Luxshare is continuously growing as Apple continues to trust it with more responsibilities and deals. After an earlier report about winning Apple’s favor, the company is now reportedly making the preparations for the Vision Pro production. The company’s chairwoman has also confirmed that it is now handling more iPhone productions. (via Reuters)

This is considered a huge success for Luxshare, which started as a manufacturer of iPhone and Macbook connector cables. “Luxshare is continuing to expand its production capacity in China to meet Apple’s needs,” Luxshare Chairwoman Wang Laichun said in a statement. “The fact that Luxshare Precision can have this scale this year is inseparable from Apple’s support.”

According to Wang, the company built a new plant in Kunshan in 2022 in order to handle the iPhone orders from Apple. This might explain the iPhone production business growth reported by the company, which probably includes more orders for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

In a report earlier this month, Apple changed the iPhone 15 volume distribution for its assembly partners, and one of the companies that benefitted from this is Luxshare. As Taiwan media outlet DigiTimes Asia revealed at that time, “a portion” of the iPhone 15 Pro Max orders were given to Luxshare. These additional orders won’t make Luxshare anything bigger than Foxconn, but it is proof of Apple’s growing trust in it.

Moreover, Luxshare already has the Vision Pro deal from Apple, which it is now reportedly preparing for production. According to previous reports, the company is the only partner handling the headset project due to its prowess in delivering prototypes and willingness to explore bizarre requests from the Cupertino giant. If true and if the Vision Pro becomes a success, this could allow Luxshare to outpace its rivals and gain more deals from Apple in the future.


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