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The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers are an essential part of the Switch gaming experience, allowing players to enjoy their favorite games on the go or from the comfort of their living room. However, some users have reported that their Joy-Con controllers tend to disconnect during use, which can be frustrating and disrupt gameplay. This article will explain why your Joy-Con Switch controller disconnects and how you can fix this issue.


Why Does My Nintendo Switch (Joy-Con) Controller Keep Disconnecting? 

There are several potential reasons why Joy-Con controllers may disconnect from the Switch console. Here are some of them:

1. Being Out Of Range

One possible cause is that the controllers are out of the console’s range. The Joy-Con controllers have a wireless range of about 8-10 feet, so they may lose connection if you use them beyond that distance. It is recommended that you close in on your console, and your controller shall then start operating.

2. Wireless Device Interference

Another potential cause of disconnections is interference from other wireless devices. The Joy-Con controllers use Bluetooth technology to communicate with the Switch console, and other devices that operate on the same frequency (such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones) can interfere with the connection. If you are using your Joy-Con controllers in an environment with many other wireless devices, it may be worth turning off some of these devices to see if the disconnections stop.

3. Hardware Issues 

The controllers may be damaged or malfunctioning. If you have dropped your Joy-Con controllers or exposed them to liquid, they may be damaged and cause disconnections. It is also possible that a manufacturing defect or other malfunction is causing the controllers to disconnect.

If you suspect a hardware issue is causing your Joy-Con controllers to disconnect, you may need to contact Nintendo customer support for further assistance. They can help you troubleshoot the problem or offer a repair or replacement for your controllers or console.

4. Outdated Software

The controllers or console may need to be updated. Nintendo regularly releases updates for the Switch console and Joy-Con controllers, which can fix bugs and improve performance. To check for updates, go to System Settings on the home screen and select System, then System Update.

5. Random Bottleneck

At times, the Joy-Con controller may face a bottleneck with a specific game or act within the console, which may cause it to disconnect. In this case, ensure your controller is running the latest update and restart the console to reconnect. 


How to fix Nintendo Switch Controller Disconnection?

Here are a few methods to fix the connection problem with your Nintendo switch controllers.

1. Factory Reset The Switch Controller

  • Turn off the controller by pressing the home button and selecting Power Options followed by Turn Off.
  • Press and hold the small sync button on the top of the controller, next to the USB-C port.
  • While holding the sync button, press the small reset button on the bottom of the controller, which is located between the triggers.
  • Hold both buttons for about 5 seconds or until the controller’s LEDs start flashing. It indicates that the controller is in reset mode.
  • Release the sync and reset buttons. The controller will now be reset and ready to be paired with a Switch console.

2. Pair the Controllers Again

If your Joy-Con controllers are still disconnecting even when you are using them within range, the controllers must be repaired with the console. To do this, follow these steps:

  • On the Switch home screen, go to System Settings.
  • Choose Controllers and select Change Grip/Order.
  • Press and hold the sync button on the Joy-Con controller (the small button located between the SR and SL buttons) until the LED lights on the controller begin flashing.
  • On the Switch console, press and hold the sync button (the small button next to the game card slot) until the LED lights on the console begin flashing. The Joy-Con controllers should now be paired with the console.

3. Recalibrate The Controller

To recalibrate a Joy-Con controller, follow these steps:

  • On the Switch home screen, go to System Settings.
  • Choose Controllers and select Calibrate Control Sticks.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate the control sticks on the Joy-Con controller.

Calibrating the control sticks on a Joy-Con controller involves moving them in all directions to ensure they are functioning correctly. It can help resolve issues with inaccurate or drift on the control sticks.

If you still can’t connect Joy-Con controllers, there may be a hardware issue with either the controllers or the console. In this case, you may need to contact Nintendo customer support for further assistance.



If your Joy-Con controllers disconnect from your Nintendo Switch console, it can be frustrating and disrupt your gaming. Thankfully, it is easy to fix this issue with any of the methods I’ve mentioned above. 

It is crucial to keep your Joy-Con controllers within the console’s range and minimize wireless interference from other devices. Following the steps above should help resolve the problem if you are having persistent disconnection issues.


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