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The genre of shooters is an extremely popular format for spending leisure time among the majority of players.

If you look at popular streaming sites, then the majority of viewers are fans of shooters. This is partly due to the popularity of esports, but in general, gamers themselves like to take a direct part in the match and be able to make a key contribution to the victory.

If the team principle works in strategies and MOBAs, then it also exists in shooters, but the player can always join the round and decide its outcome with a series of successful shots, while in other genres, this is impossible from the point of view of the economy and the link to team results during the match.

By the way, the ability to correctly and timely turn the situation in your favor in a round, as a professional player does, is not only skill – it is also knowledge of the game and composure, which complements the ability to shoot accurately and know the best place for this.

Such a mechanic can be learned intuitively by playing more than a dozen matches or by ordering training from boosting service.

Destiny 2

One of the brightest and most interesting MMO projects implemented in the shooter genre.

This means that the D2 universe will have a vibrant world, a leveling system, and skills similar to many RPGs, but the main focus will be on shooting and accuracy.

All heroes and professions, classes, and subclasses are aimed at firing at the enemy and saving it from retaliatory actions.

Only the type of gameplay and positioning in the process of pumping and raids, and not the general concept, depends on the choice of the hero.

You have to choose one of three heroes – defensive, AoE or healer, or ranged shooter and go through a series of updates and plot twists to save the earth from alien invasion and planned space exploration.

You can play alone or as part of a group, and then more content will be available to you – such as raid dungeons, strikes, or raids, as well as PVP mode.

Apex Legends

One of the brightest and most dynamic representatives of the battle royale genre. The developers at EA Games took the best mechanics from PUBG and refined them with an agent system and faster and more active matches to identify the strongest player on the map.

In Apex Legends, at the start of the match, you choose an agent for yourself and land on the game map.

If you play alone, then only enemies will be around you.

You need to find weapons and ammo for yourself, replenish your armor, and find its recovery modules in reserve.

The playing area will gradually shrink, forcing players to move towards the specified point in order to survive and, at the same time, continue to fight for the top 1.

For victories, killing enemies, and total survival time, you will receive a rating and, depending on your contribution in the next matches, you will increase or decrease in the rank system to select more optimal players for your confrontation.

Which Agent Should You Try?

  • Lifelane – generates drones and first aid kits.
  • Octane – restores health until it takes damage, creates ammo.
  • Wraith is a master of stealth and portals between points on the map.
  • Bloodhound is a master tracker, he will find and smell any enemy, even the most secretive one.
  • Bastion is a defender and a master of shelling zones in one person.
  • Mirage is a master of disguise and illusion.


A classic shooter that will soon be replaced by CS 2.

Players are divided into teams and choose the side of terrorists or special forces and fight against each other in a series of rounds with the economy of buying weapons and armor in bomb planting or hostage rescue modes.

The esports component has made CS a hyper-popular shooter since 1.6, and in CS GO it simply increased the love of gamers due to the dynamics of rounds, the unique outcome of events, skins, team play, and many more factors for the success of the project from Valve.

Here are the modes you should try alone or with other players.


5×5 mode, where a maximum of 30 rounds are played. You need to win in 16 rounds to win the match, at 15, regardless of the score, there is a change of sides.

For your actions during the game and the outcome of the fight, you can get an increase or decrease in rank.

Matchmaking is a copy of esports tournaments and an opportunity to get through to the best players in the ranking system, which is why MM is so popular among gamers.


A format in which you train to shoot a bomb as a SWAT or defend it as a terrorist. The match begins with the automatic planting of a bomb on one of the sites, and 3 terrorists must keep it from 4 special forces.

You cannot buy weapons – equipment is selected from available cards at the beginning of each round.

A great mode to practice clearing or holding a bombsite.

2×2 Partners

An excellent mode for playing with a friend is an analog of MM but for two players in each of the teams and a reduced game map to one site.

The conditions for winning are the same, but 16 rounds will be played, and the team that will be the first to take the 9th round will win, or the meeting will end in a draw.

Partners have their own rank system, similar to MM, which is needed to select optimal opponents and to display the gaming skills of the players themselves.

Escape from Tarkov

It’s an ideal format for fans of realistic shooters like Arma 3.

You will play for one of the parties to the conflict – PMC BEAR on the side of Russia, or Terra – the Americans.

You will need to make sorties to replenish ammunition and hunt for bandits and representatives of enemy PMCs.

Tarkov has implemented a realistic bullet flight model, which must be taken into account when shooting, especially at long distances. This means that in order to hit the head, you need to aim not at it, as in CS:GO, but higher, taking into account the growth model of the enemy and the distance from you.

You will be able to get weapons and ammunition from locations or killed opponents, but keep in mind that everything is for real – if you die yourself, then you will lose all your property.

The main task of the Tarkov is the actions of groups with elements of tactics and interesting skirmishes and ideas as if two special forces units really clashed with the task of destroying the enemy.

The main thing – do not forget about grenades and medicines; otherwise, you will not be able to get close to the enemy, or you will bleed from a minor wound.


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