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Pegatron still hasn’t resumed its operation in its site in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, after a fire last Sunday night. According to a report, this could last for about a week as authorities continue their investigation.

The incident pushed the company to halt its operations on Monday and Tuesday. However, despite authorities describing the incident as “minor,” it remains closed to many of the employees.

India media outlet Economic Times reported that Apple representatives reached out to the Taiwanese company about the matter. No other details were shared, but it reflects Apple’s great concern as Pegatron is one of its 14 suppliers in India, which produces 8,000 to 12,000 iPhones per day. In general, it delivers 10% of Apple’s iPhone production in India, making its presence important for the Cupertino company.

The spark reportedly started from the charging rack, which is used to test the units after assembly. No additional details are currently available on what exactly caused this, but the fire, which started on the first floor, quickly spread. It led to the damage of six machines, but their types and functions in the operation are currently identified. 

Despite this, Pegatron earlier shared a statement to Reuters, saying that there were “no injuries, no casualties, nor damage to other assets” and that the situation “does not have significant financial or operational impact” to it.


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