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The LFG in the modern World of Warcraft is similar to online dating in so many ways – making decisions on the party setup even harder than trying to find a good match! Is there a way to learn more about that DK applying for your Mythic run other than his M+ score? Let’s hone our skills of reading people and getting to know more about your dungeon partners before the run even starts.

Just like with real-life dates asking one another for the Zodiac signs to figure out some crucial behavior patterns, highlighting the character traits peculiar to specific classes can provide you with some information on what to expect from your potential teammates and how they may handle different situations based on the choice of their main character.

Demon Hunter

You will know the sign of this heroic class the moment you see him in action – right when he boldly charges with his Fel Rush right through the pack of enemies (that you were not even planning to pull). While this impulsiveness may annoy some of his party members, in reality, their recklessness comes from a place of great energy, an unstoppable engine that drives DH’s mains. That is the stand-out trait of the Aries sign, along with the quite literal horns on their heads. Embrace their energy, relish in it, and they will lead you to victory.


Unstoppable charges, driven by rage, with some powerful Zug Zug capabilities, when focused on his enemies. Great friend and protector, showing no signs of fear in the face of great challenges. Warrior is not a class, and it is a calling – being always ready for the long and hard work, otherwise one would not ever lever up a Warrior, especially in Classic realms. All these capabilities and strong physical attributes are well associated with the Taurus sign. Once you get a Warrior on your team, make sure to issue specific commands to coordinate his actions, and being born soldiers, they will follow orders until their last charge.


Light and Shadow are the two constants coexisting in the Priest’s life – this double nature is inherent to the Gemini sign. Energetic and compassionate but difficulties concentrating, he’s in a constant struggle for balance. Losing focus while healing, Priests can easily lose party members one by one, especially in Dungeons when he is the sole one carrying the responsibility. Once the Shadow side is conquered, Priest becomes a most resourceful asset in both Heal and DPS roles as well as a loyal party member.

Death Knight

Being the powerhouse of the class and the outsider are the two sides of the Death Knight coin. The Blood DK tank may seem like the calmest and most collected person you have ever met, right up until the moment someone dares to point out even a small hint of the mistake he could make along the way. Speak the word, and get ready for the blood to boil – a character trait typical of the Cancer sign. DPS roles are the proud ones and capable of obliterating everything in their path, yet often their hubris becomes their undoing – reserve some party cooldowns to save them from the impending doom, and their unbridled power is yours to command.


Paladins are those guys who excel in everything. They will shine in the group, no matter the role they pick – their pride and confidence can bring them to great heights or lead to their downfall. Their abilities give them wings, literally and figuratively, but also a false sense of invulnerability, which should be kept in check. The Paladin tank is an excellent choice for your group – having no fear of responsibility, natural leadership qualities, and strong morals, all courtesy of the Lion, he will stand as an unbreakable shield between you and the enemy.


Mages are the advocates of the scientific approach – intellectual and rational, they can achieve great results or, taking into account some occasional errors in calculations, destroy everything in a big mana bomb explosion. Putting logic before feelings, they tend to notice all the little flaws in your group and tactics, leading to some heated arguments unless they manage to keep that side in check. These manifestations of perfectionism are true to the Virgo sign. If your party can live with that, feel free to invite a mage with the knowledge of some powerful and highly destructive spells.


A constant strive for inner harmony and unbending will to win on one side, and talent to avoid responsibility and remember anything that may have come as offensive to them on the other – this is the way of Monk under the Libra sign. Don’t you dare tell the tanking monk that he did something wrong, or you won’t see him tanking for your group again. They are used to weighing the decisions, so the dungeon run may turn out a little slower but more stable compared to the rush style of the Demon Hunter. If you get along, he will be a reliable and strong member of your group, both in Tank and DPS roles.


Stabbing enemies with a poisonous edge is the way of life for both the Rogue and the Scorpio. The class wreaks of danger and often shows some borderline scary traits, so make sure never to fall on the bad side of Rogues, or you may find a poisoned knife under your rib with the prospect of a long corpse running while he’s waiting for you in stealth – Rogues are the men of focus, commitment, and sheer will. Once you get to know them, you’ll find them to be loyal, patient, and ready to push forward no matter what. Gain their trust (or pay enough gold), and Rogue can become a muscle of your group, shrinking and controlling enemies left and right.


It is no coincidence that the theme of the class is so well-aligned with the traits of Sagittarius. While their unruly nature leads to a certain degree of disobedience and overconfidence, this is greatly compensated by their striving to achieve goals and climb to the top positions. Those Hunters who are successful in taming their inner beast and mustering their power can be a great asset to any party out there. Otherwise, the old superstition of hunters pulling everything in their sight was not born out of sheer envy of their ability to stand far away from the action and top the board with the two buttons.


They are always practical, but unlike Mages, their focus is set on gaining more personal power – they tend to command and dominate, are willing to improve, and always with a goal in mind. Their ambitions, however, can stand in the way of relations with the party, especially when it comes to competing for the BiS piece of gear. Warlocks often spend as much time as possible farming the best gear so they can top the DPS boards, which is such a Capricorn thing to do. If you need a walking nuke set on results – get a Warlock.


Shamans share a deep connection to the roots of the World itself and the Water, the key element of Life. The Aquarius sign resonates well with the Shamans, their worldviews, and their pursuit of spiritual growth. Well-talented (naturally, and with quite useful game talents) but often oblivious to the expectations of the group and has to be reminded to use all of his tools for the success of the run. They do not take criticism well, so finding the right words for such occasions is crucial. Once communication is established, you will always want his talents by your side.


Balance and versatility – such is the Druids’ motto. Their ability to adapt to any environment and connection to nature are quite similar to those of the Pisces sign – a complicated fella forced to be a jack of all trades to help his friends overcome any difficulties. Put the druid in any party composition, and they’ll fit in just like fish in the water. They can safely get your group out of the tightest situations using their variety of tools combined with a highly developed intuition. In spite of the harmless appearance, one must tread carefully and avoid getting on the bad side of druids – their feral nature can and will come back to bite you in the soft spot out of nowhere. Real hard.


The latest addition to the class roster, the Dracthyr Evokers is going through the process of self-determination right now, with the new spec being added in Patch 10.1.5. This 13th in-game class has some interesting correlations to the Ophiuchus constellation, which translates as the Serpent-Bearer, a so-called forgotten 13th astrological sign by many astrologists, with the earliest mentions of this being traced back to Ancient Greece. In common bestiary tradition and Greek, both Dragon and Serpent are essentially the same, with Drakōn being the term for the largest of serpents.

Known descriptions of the sign include traits such as a strong sense of duty and justice, loyalty, and devotion to serving the people. That brings us many parallels to the nature of Dracthyr – forgotten for thousands of years, the ideal dragonkin soldiers created to serve the greater cause. And once they choose to follow someone, they will do so to the very end. So be sure to make a good impression as a group leader, and evoker mains will assist you in all the battles to come!

Is There an Alternative to Looking for Group?

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