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RadiAnt DICOM Viewer is a medical imaging program that views and analyzes DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) files. It is free and cross-platform and comes with various features, including zooming, panning, image annotation, and 3D volume rendering. In short, it covers most needs of professionals looking for a DICOM viewer. 

However, it is always good to have options in your arsenal in case there is a limitation you might come across in your conventional software. This article will highlight the best alternatives for RadiAnt DICOM Viewer in 2023. 


Best RadiAnt DICOM Viewer Alternatives 2023

1. PostDICOM

PostDICOM is a cloud-based medical image software that provides medical viewers with an online platform to view and manipulate X-Rays, MRIs, and other medical image files. Since it is cloud-based, all your data is stored on an online server and can only be accessed with an active internet connection. 

The software offers all essential viewing and editing features, such as filmstrip views, leveling, and panning. It also provides advanced annotations and measurements if a user requires such options. Being an online platform, you can directly share your images with colleagues here. You also get support for multiple languages. 

DICOM Network and DICOM DIR support is also available with PostDICOM. To access the platform, you can either use a web browser or their mobile application. Overall, an ideal choice if you are looking for a cloud-based solution. 


2. MicroDICOM

MicroDICOM is a Windows-based medical imaging software that views and utilizes DICOM images. It is free to use and comes with several features for image manipulation, including window leveling, zooming, and panning. It allows users to connect to DICOM servers for retrieving studies. It also comes with DICOM tags that can mark information within images.

You can export files in this DICOM viewer to JPG or BMP for storage. It also supports DICOMDIR, storing and using DICOM images on CDs or DVDs. It is very light in weight and is an excellent option for those looking at simple and essential viewing of DICOM images on Windows devices.


3. Horos

Horos is an open-source DICOM viewer built for Mac OS X. It is free to use yet offers a variety of features. You get all the essential features, such as filmstrip views, thumbnails, panning, and leveling. In terms of advanced features, you get muti-planar reconstruction, advanced annotations and measurements, and 3D rendering. It also comes with plugin support, which can enhance the platform’s capabilities further. 

For networking, you get full access to the DICOM network for getting studies for viewing. It also supports DICOMDIR to store images on CDs and DVDs. To download Horos, you can head over to their website. You require macOS version 10.8 or higher to run this software. Horos is one of the top choices if you are a Mac user. 


4. Navegatium

Navegatium is a cloud-based DICOM viewer specially designed for touchscreen devices. It allows users to view, store and share medical images in single, thumbnail, or filmstrip styles on this platform. For manipulation, you can level, pan, simulate reconstructions, etc. Since it operates on the cloud, you need an active internet connection. 

Since it is primarily meant for touchscreen devices, using this application is relatively easy. For sharing, the platform provides a feature to share with colleagues. It is also integrated with electronic health records (EHR); since it is secure, you can safely collaborate with other professionals for medical solutions. If you work on a touchscreen device, Navegatium is a no-brainer. 


5. Weasis

Weasis is a cross-platform application to view DICOM and other medical image files. It supports ultrasound, MRI, and CT scan data, including control options such as zooming, panning, leveling, and measurement tools. You can also render 3D images and construct multi-planar files in this application. 

It supports Windows, macOS, and Linux and can also be used in a web browser. The application also allows access to PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) servers to retrieve files. Hospitals and medical institutions around the world use Weasis for medical imaging. It is a very reliable application, and since medical structures have it installed, it is highly recommended. 


6. Philips DICOM Viewer

Philips DICOM Viewer is a free medical image viewer widely used to view DICOM files such as X-Rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, etc. It provides various manipulation tools such as zooming, adjusting gray levels, enhancing edges, and color changing. You can also tag images and sort them out using IDs, gender, DOB, etc.

Since the images are in DICOM format, you can move them onto USB, CDs, or DVDs for storage. You can also make a slideshow of images on the platform and view them like a movie clip for research. The Philips DICOM Viewer is compatible with Windows OS. It may not be compatible with Windows 11 yet, but Windows 10 and below users can use it gracefully. 


7. Pro Surgical 3D

Pro Surgical 3D is a free-to-use medical image software used for surgical planning and preoperative analysis, allowing surgeons to view 3D models of a patient’s anatomy from various angles and perspectives. It is, therefore, safe to say it is pretty advanced. It supports all kinds of MRIs, ultrasounds, X-Rays DICOM images. 

For support, the application allows access to PACS and a customer support unit that is available in case users need any help. It is also linked with Navegatium Knowledge Base, a comprehensive digital library for medical images; this can be used for research and guidance. The platform is quite intense; therefore requires Windows 8.1 or higher and at least 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended). 



DICOM Viewing is an essential task in the medical community. It is a common practice that is constantly applied and researched worldwide daily.RadiAnt DICOM Viewer is an excellent tool for viewing DICOM files, but it has its limitations. We discussed the seven best RadiAntDICOM Viewer alternatives right now. 


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