How to Get Sent and Received Text Message History on Phone?
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If you’re looking for ways to get your sent and received text message history on your phone, you’ve come to the right place.

Text messages are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, especially without internet connectivity. However, how can you check the full history of your texts? Can you see texts sent more than one year ago? This article will look at how you can do that.


Can I Send Texts From My Computer?

Yes! You can text from your computer. There are a few steps you must follow when doing so. You must first download the phone link app on your desktop.

On your computer, select the phone link app and then select messages. To send out a message, click on new message.

In the message box, enter the name or number of a contact you wish to communicate with. Type in your message and hit send.

You can even add media to your text messages. Under the message box, you will see buttons that allow you to place content in your messages. You can send an emoji or a gif or choose a photo from your computer storage.


How Many Text Messages Can You See on Your Computer?

You can check text messages for the last 30 days on your computer. However, you cannot delete messages on your computer.

Can You See Your Text Message History?

There are multiple ways to see your text message history. Below are the steps you must follow to get the history of your sent and received text messages.

On Your Phone

Open the menu on your phone and then look for messaging. Here you will find all your sent and received text messages.

Under the inbox or received section, you will see all the received texts. Under the outbox or sent section, you will see all the sent texts.


If you want to check your text messages online, you should log in to your cellphone carrier’s website. You need to create an account on the site using your number.

Once logged in, look for messaging. Upon clicking this tab, you will see your complete text message history.

You should note that some carriers only provide a list of numbers for sent and received texts. Some carriers provide the message content as well.


Can You Get Your Message History From Your Carrier?

Yes. Carriers can provide a summary of all messages sent by your device. This information can help you check your complete history and save money on costs associated with mobile messaging.

In case of disputes, these messages can also help prove your point. Most court cases will also accept text messages as proof.


How Far Back Does My Carrier Store My Message History?

Message history is stored in a carrier’s server for up to seven years. If you have deleted a message or switched phones, your carrier can help you get it back.


Can I Obtain My Spouse’s Message History?

If you need to obtain your spouse’s message history, a court order will be required. You can file a motion with the court that has jurisdiction over your case, requesting that they issue a subpoena for the records of your spouse’s phones or other electronic devices.


Is It Possible To Backup Text Messages?

Yes, it is possible to back up text messages. There are many ways to do this. You can use a third-party application. Alternatively, you can use the built-in backup feature on your iOS or Android device.


Are Text Messages Better Than Online Messaging Apps?

Text messages are better than online messaging apps for several reasons. First, text messages allow for more thoughtful interactions between users. This is because there are fewer distractions during the exchange, like the ability to use a camera or send emojis.

It also means that users can have an extended conversation without needing a video chat or other additional means of communication.

Second, text messages are more private and personal than most other forms of messaging. The content of the messages themselves can be very specific and private in nature.

Their operators can check online messages, and your privacy is often compromised.

Third, text messages are often easier to read and understand than other forms of communication involving photos or video clips.


What Are the Benefits of Text Messages?


One of the benefits of text messages is they are faster. When you’re sending a message, you can be sure that it’ll be delivered within seconds and are not reliant on internet connectivity.

All Numbers

Text messaging has been around for quite some time and works for international and domestic numbers! So whether you need to get in touch with someone traveling through your area (like a family member or friend) or to reach out to someone overseas (a business partner), text messaging is one of the best options available today!



So there you have it, the importance of text in our lives, businesses, and marketing is definitely not over. It’s a massive part of our communication. You also know how to check your message history on your phone, so you never lose an important message.


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