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Elgato’s Stream Deck 6.3 update is now available. It includes support for the newly released Stream Deck Mobile 2.0 app, which you can use to turn your iPhone and iPad into a Stream Deck.

The update includes six free keys. It also offers the full optimization of Stream Deck Mobile for iPads, allowing users to access up to 128 keys simultaneously if they have the Stream Deck Mobile Pro. The subscription offers other benefits, including the ability to set any number of virtual keys (up to 64 in total), Virtual Faceplates, and layout customization.

Unfortunately, according to Elgato on Reddit, the update only covers iOS. “We decided first to release Stream Deck Mobile 2.0 on iOS because it is compatible with many devices out of the box, so to speak,” an Elgato technical marketing manager shared. “With so many different hardware models for Android, we wanted to iron out the experience before working on that platform. Nothing is changing for Stream Deck Mobile on Android at the moment.”


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