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The trend of releasing new Apple gadgets will continue and continue. In 2025, perhaps not the 17 iPhone, but something else awaits us, with an even cooler technical set, including a camera that will make past smartphones jealous. The iPhone camera attracts a lot of rumours and discussions. Many people don’t believe a regular phone can outperform top-end cameras from Nikon, Sony, or Canon. So, what awaits us in the mobile photography niche? Let’s discuss this together.

Smartphone vs Camera

Now, many manufacturers are relying on an abundance of modules and megapixels. But if the first ones are still useful, the second ones are useless. Even forty megapixels in modern smartphones are enough to take high-quality photographs. By the way, in the recently released iPhone 15, the camera is equipped with 48 megapixels. On top of that, smartphones can perform certain features that cameras are not designed for, such as adding text to photo, changing angles, adjusting shadows, etc. But do large companies producing professional cameras have nothing to offer?

Of course, they have. Fortunately, the quality of photos taken on an iPhone, although great, is not comparable to top-end cameras. The price for this quality is many times higher than another smartphone from Apple. Still, for those who do photography or video shooting professionally, the iPhone will not replace their usual tool.

AI and Neural Networks

Artificial intelligence is part of high-profile debates and discussions. Mobile photography has also begun to use artificial features that apply to photography-related activities, for example:

  • Improve quality;
  • Apply filter;
  • Retouch photos;
  • Change the light;
  • Focus on all objects at once or separately;
  • Ignoring the general rules of photography.

The first to use these features in mobile photography was Google in its Magic Editor project. Needless to say, the iPhone 2025 will have something similar or even better? It will be true, in our opinion, that Apple is already preparing users for innovations in the vector of mobile photos. So far, this is in the plans and is not disclosed too much, but the use of AI in your smartphones is a trend that will be at least optional and not mandatory.

New Competitors in the Photography Niche

A mobile phone is a complex of small features and tools convenient to carry in your pocket and use daily for various purposes. The most common use is taking selfies, photographing cute cats, or recording TikToks. Agree that it is more convenient to do this using a small gadget than a large Kenon camera for 5-6 thousand dollars. Despite the durability issue in the iPhone 15, breaking it and returning it to the store for repairs is much simpler and easier than an expensive camera. But what if the new iPhones are useful for more than just everyday photography?

Then, large companies like Sony or Nikon will have another competitor in the market. On the one hand, this incentivizes industry giants to develop their products higher. But on the other hand, the reason for such decisions will be mobile photographs on a brand new and fresh iPhone. Developing based on a company’s innovations in a different technological field is not very prestigious.

Perhaps everything will remain as it is, and mobile and non-mobile photography will remain in their niches without affecting each other. But still, who knows what the company might develop for the 2025iPhone.

iPhone 2025 Will Give Something New?

Traditionally, the main feature of the new iPhones is camera improvements. Unfortunately, the difference is not very noticeable, with a difference of several hundred dollars for different phone variations or generations. Of course, if you compare iPhone 15 and iPhone 17 in two years, there will be a difference, but is it possible to realize this potential now? Definitely yes. Does Apple need this? From a financial point of view, no. The company is in no hurry to overtake others in mobile photography, as it is currently ahead based on its financial reports and income statement. But discoveries await us very soon if we discuss promoting new technological features for iPhone cameras.

Prospects and Opportunities

Mobile photography is already at a previously predicted stage, only to occur in the next few years. This was facilitated by the constant struggle of companies that produce mobile phones. Google, Xiaomi, and Apple are constantly “fighting” each other for the right to be the pioneer of certain technologies. In turn, certain smartphone fans argue about which takes the best photo. Each device has its pros and cons, and they remain every time, despite the release of new models. What will happen after the announcement and release of iPhone 2025? Probably nothing, but this will be interesting to watch and discuss again.


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