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If you are a doctor, nurse, or any other healthcare provider, your life is anything but calm and composed. Between checking patients, running your medical procedures, learning about new medical advancements, and caring for the patients, you honestly already have a lengthy to-do list that may actually seem quite scary and complicated.

However, thanks to the evolution in technology, life for healthcare providers and patients has become comparatively easy and convenient. The digital market now has a variety of healthcare applications that enable you to streamline and enhance your research and communication with your patients. All of this has resulted in better medical results and enhanced patient experiences.

In addition to this, you can have simple access to a wealth of relevant information using these amazing medical apps. It has been reported that a majority of doctors believe that smartphone healthcare apps possess the ability to improve the overall quality of patient healthcare.

There are countless healthcare mobile apps presently accessible, including economical and free ones. So, how will you know which apps are ideal for your particular requirements? To help find the perfect apps for you, we have created a list of the five best medical applications for doctors. All you need now is a speedy internet connection that will help you use these apps seamlessly without any interruptions.

Cox is great in this regard; it not only provides its users with incredible download speeds but also gives them access to four million free WiFi hotspots. So contact Cox en espaƱol (for Latin Americans) and sign up for the internet package that best suits your unique needs. Now that you are well-equipped to use the apps, you can go ahead and explore them in detail.

1. Medscape

Medscape is an efficient, potent app that offers relevant news as well as educational support for qualified physicians. The app includes a visual pill modifier, a medicine interaction examiner, a dosage estimator, a doctor, and a comprehensive database of proper medical conditions with relevant information. Using this app, you will find around 8500 prescriptions as well as OTC drugs, supplements, and more than 6000 reference articles for thorough decision-making support.

2. Visual DX

Thanks to its database of more than 30,000 disease variation pictures, Visual DX can be very helpful, especially when you are identifying a rare condition. The app properly acts as your credible, online second option. You can easily view pictures of patients from various age groups, blood types, skin types, etc.

This incredible app costs around $400 annually for a single subscription; however, you can reach out to your medical organization for a better rate. You will find proper Android as well as iOS versions of this app in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

3. Doximity

Doximity is a very famous general-purpose application that is presently assisting over a million healthcare professionals including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, etc. in meeting their everyday challenges.

The app includes a unique social networking attribute that enables you to network with other qualified physicians, send messages, exchange confidential compliant data, compare salaries, etc. The best part about the app is that you can compliantly call patients using your smartphone without actually revealing your personal phone number. How cool and convenient is that?

4. Lexicomp

It is safe to say that Lexicomp is one of the most instinctive medical apps available. it essentially includes an amazing collection of diseases, especially oral diseases, transmissible diseases, toxicology, etc. Moreover, the application provides distinct information regarding drugs, their side effects, etc.

You can also easily access hospital dictionaries and diligently use the scientific calculators present in the app. Although this application is available for both Android as well as iOS devices, it is not completely free. Nevertheless, there are countless subscription plans to select from. You can easily choose the package that best fits your needs and budget and make full use of the app.

5. DynaMed

DynaMed is a proficient medical reference app that proficiently imitates the mighty Google search engine, which makes it very easy to use. Other qualified physicians continuously review the medical content within the app.

The best part about the app is that it syncs with your laptop, allowing you to easily work from the location of your choice. DynaMed can be easily downloaded on both Android and iOS devices; however, to use the app, you do require a proper subscription plan.

Final words

Medical applications are super useful for both patients and healthcare providers. If you are someone from the medical field, then downloading the apps that we have mentioned above will definitely bring ease into your life.


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