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Reddit‘s API policy changes pushed the shutdown of different third-party apps, like Apollo for Reddit, rif is fun for Reddit (RIF), and BaconReader. This forced some users to leave the platform, while others chose to stay and look for other third-party alternatives.

Currently, there are still other third-party apps working on iOS. For instance, Joey for Reddit is still working. However, it is important to note that it might also stop working soon. Comet for Reddit is also still working, but it is unmaintained and hasn’t been updated for two years now.

Nano for Reddit is also still functional and available on App Store, but according to its developer, the future of the app remains unknown. “I have received zero communication from Reddit, though nor do they have my billing details,” the developer said last month. “I’m going to try and ride it out and see how I go, and if I get a bill I can’t stomach, I’ll shut things down.”

Fortunately, there are some app developers who have chosen to stay and continue the operation of their apps, albeit it means introducing subscription plans or increasing the prices of the present ones they already have. Here are some of the prominent options for you:

Narwhal. According to the developer of the app, it will release a new version of the app (called Narwal 2), which will introduce the paid subscription system of the service. It will cost between $4 to $7 per month and will remove the ads from the experience. Aside from the new design, new functionalities are also expected in the new version.

MultiTab for Reddit. It is one of the apps that has found a solution to stay on Reddit by increasing the current subscription price of users. According to the app developer, the hike will put the new pricing at $2.99 per month or $6.99 per year.

Dystopia and Luna. The two apps are just some of those that will be spared from Reddit’s new API pricing policy due to their accessibility features. 

Sink It for Reddit. For some, this app can be useful if you want to continue using Reddit via Safari on iOS. This should make the current unfavorable mobile Reddit experience for you better. In simplest terms, the extension declutters Reddit’s web version (e.g., banners and unnecessary buttons) to make it more user-friendly. 

Relay for Reddit. According to the developer of the app, it will continue its operation despite the new API pricing. However, just like others, it will now employ a subscription model. According to its developer, there will be different pricing options for users to give them the liberty to choose based on their needs.


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