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The idea of having a Super App is something embedded in the minds of many developers these days. And it’s for a good reason, because having a cloud ecosystem of many apps is extremely helpful, and it just makes the process easier for users. But it always comes down to the complexity of such a super app. And obviously, the more complex something is, the more difficult it can be to bring that idea to fruition. There are a few things that you can add to a super app, and that might end up making things innately better.

Social features

When you think about creating a super app, social features always come to mind. Because people want to share content they like or stuff they use with others. We are social beings and having the opportunity to share stuff we like is definitely important and it can help quite a bit. WeChat is a prime example of this, and there are all kinds of other apps that have social, along with other features.

eCommerce features

The idea of adding a way for people to buy stuff via an app always comes under review by many app creators. That’s because it generates a very good revenue source. It also allows you to eliminate complications and focus on results. Plus, having the ability to include everything in the super app certainly eliminates a lot of challenges. And at the end of the day, it’s a solid way to shop and make the super app more approachable for some customers.

Transportation features

Transportation is related to eCommerce, if you buy something, you also want to track the progress of that shipment. Granted, sometimes you will purchase services, but if you buy products, you want to have tracking systems within the app. These will offer a more comfortable experience for the customer. Plus, the shipping experience is easier to monitor.

Financial systems

Financial features help because you want to ensure you know how to manage your money, what you spend on, etc. A lot of super apps include financial systems because they are very important in today’s world. And not only are those very efficient, the systems they provide are extremely comprehensive and powerful.

Communication systems

Instant messaging someone who works for the company and having a chat with them to solve any issues is very helpful. It’s a comfortable way of dealing with problems, which can arise at times. But once you start addressing these things, you won’t have to deal with downsides. Instead, it’s a detailed process that helps ensure it all works together in a very efficient manner.

Super Apps can highly benefit from having all kinds of features. Of course, it depends on the niche and the overall results. Having multiple features in a single place is a lot more convenient for the users. It also helps remove a lot of risks while enhancing the experience as a whole. That’s why we think super apps are extremely valuable, and by adding the right features, they can become very useful for users!


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