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If you hate unnecessary ads and trackers popping up on web pages and love to use ad blockers to get rid of them, you are at the right place. 

uBlock Origin is one of the most trustworthy adBlocker available in the market. But there is terrible news for Safari users; this excellent ad-blocker no longer works on Safari. 

We know that’s sad to know, but this is nothing to worry about, as we have some amazing Safari alternatives that will work out for you. So, without taking any more time, let us take you toward the alternatives we have picked for you. 


What is uBlock Origin? 

uBlock Origin, as the name suggests, is an open-source and free-of-cost ad-blocker that doesn’t even filter ads but also acts as a content filter for your web browser. This blocker is majorly concerned with protecting the user’s privacy on the web. 

Using the uBlock Origin ad-blocker, you will be able to detect any foreign material trying to invade your privacy online, and this blocker will consequently work in blocking that. 

uBlock Origin is known as a wide-spectrum content blocker, as its developers call it. Though numerous ad-blockers and content filters exist in the market for various web browsers, this one is the most cost-efficient and effective. ‘


4 Best uBlock Origin Alternatives for Safari

When it comes to adBlockers in the market, all the users want to get their hands on the best ones in the league. Though uBlock Origin is available for multiple web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, etc., unfortunately, it doesn’t work for Safari. 

This is a big disappointment for Safari users, but this doesn’t mean they don’t use any adBlocker now, putting their online privacy at stake. 

We have enlisted some of the best uBlock Origin Alternatives for you that work perfectly fine on the Safari browser. We compared their features with uBlock Origin for better choices before putting them on our list. 

Keep on reading if you are interested in knowing these alternatives in detail and want to make up your mind about the next best option in the market. 

1. Adblock Plus

If you have had a knack for ad blockers for a long time, you must have heard about Adblock Plus. It has been around for the longest and one of the reasons why it has survived for all this time is the reliability it offers. 

Adblock Plus is one of the easiest-to-use ad-blockers around, ensuring you get rid of all the unnecessary ads and irrelevant content coming your way. The best part about this blocker is that you won’t have to pay a single penny to remove all the ads from your webpage. 

Unlike other blockers in the market requiring separate software on your browser to make them work, this application works as a browser add-on. We found that to be a lot more convenient than installing software, as ads tend to appear quite often on web pages, and it’s hard to reach out to these software programs every time you see an ad. 

With a browser add-on, you have to activate the blocker once, and it will work for the entire time you are on a browser. 

The installation of Adblock Plus and its add-on extension is a hassle-free process. You don’t have to search for the blocker concerning your preferred web browser. All you have to do to install this ad-blocker is to go to the official webpage of adblockplus.org, and it will recommend the file depending on your browser. 

On Adblock Plus, you can choose the ads you want to block and filter the ones you don’t mind. For this, you just have to add the URL of the website you want to block all ads from into the filtering rule for Adblock Plus. Similarly, you can use the filters on this blocker to remove the ads popping up on your Safari webpage from time to time. 

Pros Cons
  • The blocker can be integrated into your browser 
  • You can filter ads on this blocker 
  • It allows you to block ads with one click 
  • You have to enable it every time you open a browser 


2. AdGuard 

AdGuard is another uBlock Origin alternative you can use for your Safari browser. Being a premium ad blocker, it comes with all the features you expect from an ad blocker. While surfing on the web, this ad blocker will prevent all the ads and useless content solutions from reaching you. 

In addition to making your time on the web hassle-free, it also works in protecting your privacy to a great extent. This won’t let even your IP address get to anonymous sites. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that this software acts as a protective shield between you and online threats. 

AdGuard works by keeping an eye on malware trying to enter your web browser and also functions by hiding the CSS and HTML codes, ultimately protecting you against phishing. As far as the basic functioning of AdGuard is concerned, i.e., ad blocking, it does so by blocking all the banners, ads, pop-ups, etc., appearing on your web page. 

This software, like other ad blockers in the market, including uBlock Origin, does work perfectly well on YouTube videos. Though the functioning of this blocker for blocking YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ads is not liable on Safari browser. 

But don’t worry; you get special filters on AdGuard to block all these unnecessary ads on the Safari browser. 

AdGuard also protects you against the most prevalent kind of fraud on the web, i.e., phishing, where the fraud takes up the form of reliable websites and web pages for stealing your private data and information. 

This blocker’s module website, which updates quite frequently, efficiently tracks and recognizes these websites, protecting your data online. Similarly, the Stealth Mode on AdGuard protects your data against websites that try to breach security by stealing your saved settings. 

Like unBlock Origin, where you can filter the kind of content you want to see on your web browser, AdGuard also keeps your web browsing experience completely safe and controlled. You can block the content from unwanted websites using this blocker.

Another exciting feature AdGuard comes equipped with is the regional filter feature that only works on the Safari browser. This filter permanently blocks data and ads from certain websites based on your language priority.   

Pros  Cons
  • It features a VPN service too 
  • AdGuard is the most reliable blocker for blocking pop-ups and banners 
  • You get a parental control feature to filter the content on your browser 
  • This ad blocker is pretty fast 
  • You can’t use VPN together with the blocker 
  • Some bugs might attack the blocker at times 


3. Ghostery

If you are looking for a uBlock Origin alternative that keeps track of your online presence and blocks the ads and pop-ups based on your preference, Ghostery is the right choice. 

Like uBlock Origin and several other famous ad-blockers available in the market, you also get a browser extension for Ghostery. All you have to do is visit the relevant store for the browser and add its extension to it. 

Once the extension is integrated into the browser, it will handle the rest, i.e., blocking all the irrelevant ads, banners, and pop-ups and keeping malware and security threats away from you. 

Using the Do Not Track feature on Ghostery, you can browse through all the current trackers on your webpage. This also allows you to manage the trackers reaching you and can customize the ads you want to block or unblock based on your preference. 

As far as the interface of this popular ad-blocker is concerned, you won’t find it hard to use, even if you are a beginner. Most of the ads and banners can be removed from your webpage with just a single click. 

Customizing blocking filters and tracking the pathway your browser typically follows while you are online isn’t hard on this software either. 

One thing about this ad-blocker you need to know is that you can get a premium subscription to Ghostery, too, which will provide you access to Ghostery insights and other detailed information about your online presence

However, the free version of Ghostery is more than enough to block ads and banners and filter the content reaching you. If you have been using ad-blockers for the wrong time, it is not too much to go for the subscription plan, which is not that expensive. 

However, for beginners, we suggest sticking to the basic Ghostery plan, as it provides all the necessary information and has all the features to replace your uBlock Origin ad blocker. 

Pros Cons
  • You get detailed tracker analysis on this blocker 
  • It blocks ads and trackers on your web page 
  • You can perform a private search on Ghostery 
  • Premium features on this blocker are not too helpful 


4. NextDNS

NextDNS is another reliable uBlock Origin you won’t regret getting your hands on. This blocker doesn’t only provide you immense security against all malicious websites but is also known for the high-class privacy features it offers. 

With NextDNS installed on your browser, data leakage isn’t something you need to worry about. NextDNS is extremely strict when sending information to third-party websites and doesn’t share even a bit of your personal information and data with third-party online sources without considering your knowledge. 

Being a DNS blocker helps keep your browser activity away from the reach of other sources online trying to track your online footprints. Whenever you search for a website on your Safari browser, NextDNS translates it into a numerical IP address, which is then shown to all the sources. 

On NextDNS, you get unlimited customization and configuration ability. This means that you can customize your DNS settings as much as you like ranging from blocking certain domains online, filtering up ads and banners to block, changing filtration settings, and customizing your block lists. This way, the entire control of your privacy and response to security threats remains in your hands. 

The Parental Control feature on NextDNS enables you to restrict the content your children can browse on the web. This way, you can prohibit the access of your Safari browser to certain websites, including adult and gambling sites. You can also set up a time tracker on your browser to record your children’s time on the web. 

Another interesting feature you get on NextDNS that is absent in uBlock Origin is the Handshake feature. Most security and privacy breaches online happen when you connect with other devices or connections. This feature allows you to establish connections only with secure and reliable sources. 

To stop other websites and advertising agencies from tracking your online presence and the websites and web pages you visit, NextDNS comes with a tracking protection feature. It works by blocking the DNS requests other domains send to your web browser. All you have to do is enable this feature on your blocker, automatically blocking all the DNS requests. 

Despite being laced with so many helpful features, the best part about NextDNS is its user-friendly interface. Even if you are a tech enthusiast aware of complex apps or are a beginner with little to no knowledge of blockers and trackers, using this ad-blocker won’t be a big deal for you. 

The Custom Allow list on NextDNS is helpful if you love to customize websites that can track your online activity or send their ads and pop-ups your way. Even if you have previously added a site to the block list of NextDNS, adding it to the Custom Allow list will make it available for you. 

Pros  Cons
  • This blocker is pretty easy-to-setup and use 
  • You get huge customization options 
  • It is also known for improving the performance of the internet connection you are using 
  • This is a paid service 
  • It doesn’t work with full efficiency on mobile phones 

How We Made This List 

Although trying multiple different uBlock Origin alternatives for the Safari browser was arduous, do you want to know what was even harder? Picking out the best options for you and deciding on the options that were not worth a try. 

Once you set out to find some reliable uBlock Origin alternatives for Safari, you will find a large pool of options. This is both fortunate and unfortunate. Fortunate, as you don’t have to worry about switching to a new ad-blocker service as with such a large number of options, the probability of finding the right one for you is pretty higher and unfortunate because it gets hard to decide on one option. 

What helped us get through this challenging task was a list we made containing all the features we wanted in the alternatives we picked out for you to try out. For your convenience, we have enlisted all these features below. 

  • Blocking Features 

As we were looking for uBlock Origin alternatives which is primarily an ad-blocker service, the first thing we kept in our mind was the blocking features the app comes with. With so many options in the market, we picked out only those options that can block multiple things simultaneously, including ads, pop-ups, and banners. 

This will allow you to get the benefits of multiple services in one blocker and will also save you plenty of time. As the service will manage most of the ads and security threats, you would be free to focus on the filtering rules. 

  • Extensions 

As we have mentioned, when ad-blockers are present as add-on extensions, the whole process is more accessible and hassle-free. While making our list of the best alternatives we wanted you to check out, we included only those available options as extensions to your browsers, so you don’t have to navigate to the software every time an ad pops up on your feed. 

  • Cost 

Like other software programs and services, ad-blockers can also cost a lot of money if you go for the paid versions. Frankly, after all the research on ad blockers and going to multiple blockers ourselves, we realized there is no use investing in an ad blocker as a beginner. 

Keeping this in mind, all the options we enlisted above for you are entirely free of cost. Though some of them have paid versions, too, we have clearly mentioned who they are for. 


Conclusion – uBlock Origin Alternatives for Safari! 

That’s about it! Now you have access to some of the best uBlock Origin alternatives for Safari you can check out for yourself. With this guide, you now don’t have to feel bad about switching to the Safari browser, as all these options have the features you always wanted from the ad blockers. 

With these options, you can now spend as much time as you want on the web without worrying about your privacy and can even decide which devices you want to connect to. Have a safe online presence now! 


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