What Does PPS 6180 Mean?(Number you are trying to call is not reachable)

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When using PREPAID services, receiving the error message “PPS 6180” is usually an indication that the number in question is unavailable at the moment. This may be the result of the customer not renewing the plan, the line is disconnected, or the customer is located in a region that does not have service.

If you receive a message indicating the number you are attempting to call is inaccessible, it means that the call to the individual at that number was unable to be executed. The are three main reasons why this could have happened.

  • The individual’s phone is switched off
  • There is a connectivity issue
  • The individual has blocked your contact number

The major cause of this call issue is that the phone number you are seeking to contact is not available. This is known as a network connectivity error.

This kind of problem is most typically caused by being located in a surrounding or place with poor or insufficient network coverage.


What Else Does pps6180 Mean?

A mobile phone that may only be used once a credit for a certain length of time has been acquired from a mobile phone service provider is referred to as a prepaid phone. This type of phone is also known as pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-talk, or pay-and-go phone.

The amount of cellular access that can be offered is directly proportional to the amount of credit that is purchased. When the user’s balance reaches the maximum amount allowed by the mobile phone service provider, access to the service will be denied until the user purchases additional credit.

When there is no more credit available on the user’s mobile phone account, the mobile phone service provider will play a recording that is encoded with the PPS6180 code.

Why Does pss6180 Error Occur?

Now, we’ll go into more depth about what happened and what you should do if you get this type of answer from the network when you call someone.

  • Poor network coverage

The most significant factor contributing to the issue at hand. As the title suggests, the person you’re attempting to contact lives in an area with restricted network coverage or connection.

It will be impossible to make a phone call to the person in question due to the lack of network connection in the location.

Instead, you can do what will be explained in this post: Look for another way or method of contacting the person.

  • Switched off phone

If the line you’re attempting to contact is not reachable, the phone may be turned off. In most cases, the caller will be told that the number they’re attempting to reach is disconnected.

We’ve seen cases when the device had been switched off, but rather than the network reporting that the line was unavailable, they reported that the device had been turned off.

  • The line you are attempting to contact is unavailable due to a banned phone number

In general, this would be the case, albeit it is not always the case.

The network may block a caller’s phone number, leading to a mistake on the other end; nevertheless, the company is unlikely to reply.

When the network is unable to connect to an individual’s phone number or line, the caller will get a message stating that the number cannot be reached, which is extremely typical.

If you attempt to call a number and it isn’t accessible, it’s most likely because there isn’t enough network coverage or connection in the region.

  • Out-of-service number

Intercept messages that read “not reachable” are sent when a phone number is unreachable. When a consumer does not renew their phone bills, the network provider may decide to terminate their line, or the phone line may be blocked due to long periods of inactivity.

When it comes to a customer’s account or its activities, this call intercept notice is almost often the first item that comes up.

  • Spoofed Numbers

If a false phone number was placed on the caller ID and you do not even know who it is, it will almost certainly tell you “the line you are attempting to contact is not available”.

When calling a fake number, the recipient’s phone will display the original number, but the digits have been changed using a software.

There’s always the option to add your phone number to the national Do-Not-Call database if you feel you’ve been spam-called, robocalled, or your phone number is in the hands of telemarketers.

  • Don’t-call-back phones

The “not reachable” intercept message may appear in some situations because the phone number you are phoning does not accept incoming calls.

It’s nearly impossible to call back from a phone that only allows outgoing calls, which is common in businesses and hospitals.

If you have any reason to believe this is the case, you should look into the number and contact a number they make available to the public to corroborate your suspicions.

  • Battery removed or Phone damaged

The “not reachable” message is returned to callers when a recipient removes the battery from their phone.

The reason for this is that when a mobile phone is turned off via the power button, it also informs the nearest base station that it is no longer able to receive calls, and thus you receive the notification that the phone is “shut off”. There are a number of reasons why this might not be possible.


How To Fix Error pps6180?

If you receive the call intercept notice “the number you are trying to contact is not reachable PPS 6180,” you can tell that many different things are wrong, but we’d like to provide a handful of things that can assist.

  • Recall after some time

So many of these problems have been addressed. The number may be inaccessible due to poor network connectivity or inclement weather. Often, the best solution is to simply wait it out.

  • Check block settings

Try sending a text message to the receiver and asking them to check their phone’s block settings to see whether you have been unintentionally added to a block list. AT&T customers can go to the Device Support Page and choose their brand and model of phone, then click Tutorials >> Calling >> Ban or Unblock Calls, if they want to block or unblock calls.

  • Contact the individual via a social messenger service

There are many ways to solve this problem, but this is one of the best, and I use it frequently when I can’t locate a person on the cell phone network.

If you can’t reach the individual on the phone, use Skype, Telegram or WhatsApp to communicate with them.

Text or online chat is my favourite means of communicating with other people. If the problem is a lack of coverage, video calls or facetime will not operate owing to a weak network connection.

To contact the individual, you may either use the phone call facility or send a text message. Messages are prefered to voice calls, which may be lost owing to a poor network connection.

There are many alternatives for this, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Skype, in addition to Google Voice, Google Duo, and text.

  • To contact the individual, use the phone messaging app

If you are attempting to contact somebody, but the phone is not getting through, please send the individual a message using your mobile network instead of a social messaging platform.

It is more likely that the individual will be able to get their messages even if they have a poor network connection or coverage than they will be able to get a call. As a result, the call will very certainly go through, and even the receiver will be alerted that you attempted to reach them but were unsuccessful.

If the text still does not get through after many hours, either the user’s phone has been switched off, or they have blocked your phone number.

If you feel the other person has blacklisted your mobile number, please contact them using another mobile number or drop them a message using messaging apps such as WhatsApp or some other service.

When you attempt to contact someone and receive the notice, “the line you are trying to reach is not accessible pps 6180,” it means that there is either an issue with the network or a faulty connection to the network. This could also mean that the individual’s phone is turned off. Worse, the individual just blocked your mobile number so that they would not get calls from you.


What Could “Not Reachable” on Messenger Mean?

You already understand what “Not Reachable” means. It signifies that the individual you’re phoning can’t hear you. This occurs when the connection service is poor or when the phone is switched off.

What could “Not Reachable” on Facebook Messenger imply, and why did you receive it? “Not Reachable” in Facebook Messenger, on the other hand, indicates exactly the same stuff as we described before. It indicates that the site or medium you are using is unable to transmit your call to the individual you’re attempting to contact.

When you attempt to send a message, the message “not reachable” appears. The following are some of the reasons behind this:

  • The individual’s account is disabled or deleted

Contacting somebody whose Facebook profile has been deactivated or disabled is practically difficult. When you call someone who has disabled or cancelled their Facebook account, they are likely to say they are unreachable.

  • They do not have Messenger downloaded and have disabled the calling function

Some users might not have the Messenger app loaded on their smartphones, but they do have the Facebook application.

Maybe they do not want to spend time conversing with friends, or they’re striving to improve their performance at work. Finally, they may deactivate the contacting function so that nobody can contact them.

In certain cases, even if they are signed in to the Facebook app, the phoning option will be unavailable. When you call, they may not be able to respond to the phone. On Facebook Messenger, this is one possible explanation for the message “not reachable.”

  • The individual’s phone is turned off

If you attempt to contact somebody on Facebook Messenger, but their phone is on mute, it indicates that they are currently not using Facebook. As a consequence, the phrase “not reachable” could be heard.

  • The individual does not have a data connection.

It is widely recognized that Facebook Messenger requires a constant internet connection in order to operate. In the absence of this, people will not be able to communicate with one other. Access to social media is really only possible when an individual’s data connection is switched on.

If your buddy has no data connection or has switched off their data connection, you might hear “not reachable” whenever you attempt to contact them on messenger. For instance, you may phone them when they get a new data package.


Is “Not Reachable” the same as “Blocked”?

When someone tries to contact someone, the notification “Not reachable” shows on their phone. The call receiver may have wrongly believed they had already been blacklisted by the caller. This might not be the greatest approach.

Anyone who uses a call-blocking programme on their phone will automatically reject all calls from a blocked number. When you attempt to phone that person, in this case, you would hear “Phone denied.”

Certain mobile networks show the notice “Call not accessible” when a caller tries to reach somebody whose contact has been blacklisted. Most people, in contrast hand, hear “Call Rejected” when their calls are banned by the recipient.


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