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Most of us make video calls to strangers, whether work-related or just the beginning of a friendship. In this case, we always look for the safest option that guarantees our privacy during video calls. One of the most common concerns is what if the other party tries to take a screenshot during the call. Will Whatsapp notify you? 

This article is going to be about Whatsapp video calling and its security features. We will also discuss whether or not you get notified for screenshots during the video calls. Let’s get going.


Whatsapp Video Calling: How Secure Is It?

Regarding video calling,  Meta-owned Whatsapp was late to join the party. But eventually, they came out with the feature in September 2018. It uses end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of audio and video calls. It means that the audio and video being transmitted during the calls are encrypted and can only be read or heard by the intended recipient. 

End-to-end encryption is a popular technology used by mostly all instant messaging and social media applications to keep users’ information safe. It prevents any third party from accessing the information shared between sender and receiver during texting, calling, or video calling. 

Regarding end-to-end communication security, Whatsapp calls are as secure as any other platform. However, no system is downright foolproof. There are still potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by unsecured Wi-Fi networks, viruses, or even the person you are talking to. 


Risks with Whatsapp Video Calling

The Internet is dangerous, and no platform, including Whatsapp, can guarantee your privacy. The best example is audio and video calls. Currently, several call recording and screen recording applications are available for free that can capture the video call screen or record your voice during audio calls. 

Moreover, taking a screenshot during a video call takes only a second. For some of us, it’s a big security concern as we often share essential information on video calls that we don’t want to be documented. Additionally, in this age of fast Internet and viral trends, one screenshot from your video call can travel long before you finally know about it.


How Does Whatsapp Deal With This Situation?

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not notify you when someone takes a screenshot of the video call screen. So if you are using Whatsapp for video calls, your privacy is in your hands. Even though WhatsApp doesn’t let you know when the other party takes a screenshot during a video call, People can still capture the screen using a secondary hidden camera, a screen recorder application. 

Currently, no safety feature in Whatsapp can ensure a 100% safe video call. Using screen recorders is very easy; taking a screenshot takes only half a second. 

So if you are concerned about your privacy, consider using a different video calling application that provides screenshot protection (Not allowing screenshots during the call) or at least sends a notification when someone tries to take a screenshot. Although, video calls are never considered safe, especially if you are talking to strangers. You can also use an alternate method to contact the person. 

However, Whatsapp notifies you when someone takes a screenshot of a text message or photo you sent them. You can also use Whatsapp’s disappearing image feature to send sensitive media through texts. The receivers are not allowed to take a screenshot of disappearing pictures; even if they try, the result will be a black image. This feature is designed to protect users’ privacy and give them control over who can see the content they send through the app.


How to Protect Your Privacy During Video Calls?

Video calls are a fun way to interact with people as you are able to see what the other person is doing or seeing. It’s a unique way to share the moments with your loved ones, family, or friends. 

However, the story is totally different when it comes to video calls with strangers. It’s not a safe option at all. No matter what app or device you use, there is always a danger of intrusion. There are many ways someone can risk your privacy, such as taking a screenshot or recording the audio and video during calls. Ultimately, it all comes down to the person you choose to have a video call with. 

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you accept/initiate a video call with a stranger:

  • Don’t rush to show yourself. Always wait for the other person to appear on the screen first. 
  • Pay attention to the person’s hand movements. If they keep touching the phone’s screen, they may be trying to take a screenshot or record the screen. 
  • Avoid video calling with strangers. You might be tempted to do so in many situations, but it can be harmful if you don’t know the person well. 


Final Word

Video calling is fun but also risky. While it allows us to interact with people, it may cause serious safety issues if you are not careful. Whatsapp or any other IM apps don’t provide this kind of security yet. However, if you want to enjoy safer communication, switch to Telegram. It has many excellent features, and the privacy standards are very high. You can connect with any user on Telegram without sharing your number, share timed photos, delete chats for both parties, etc. 


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