How to access the Setup Wizard the second time?
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The setup wizard is unique because it helps the user set up an Android phone for the first time. Apps that have already been installed can be internalized by the Wizard, and it can group them in a wizard-like way. If you have already used Setup Wizard the first time and are wondering how to access it again, the second time, we have enlisted two methods to solve your dilemma. 

Here are the solutions:

Solution 1: Using Factory Reset

  • Check that the gadget is plugged in or has adequate battery power to complete the reset process.
  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Choose System from the Settings.
  • Navigate to the Reset menu.
  • Select Erase all data (factory reset).
  • Select Erase all data.
  • If prompted, enter your PIN.
  • Choose Erase all data and wait for the phone to do its thing.

Factory Reset using Recovery Mode

Some users may be unable to access their preferences. This could be the result of a phone or software issue. Fortunately, there is a way to factory reset your phone and re-access the Setup Wizard, in case the regular UI factory reset is not working for you.

  • Check that the phone is turned off.
  • Hold down the Power and Volume Down keys at the same time.
  • Continue to push them until the screen appears.
  • A screen will emerge with the word “Start” pointing to the power button, text, and navigation instructions.
  • The Power button can now be used to make selections and the Volume keys to navigate.
  • Keep pressing the Volume Down button until you get the Recovery Mode screen.
  • To select it, press the Power button.
  • The phone will restart and display an Android robot in distress.
  • Hold down the Power button, then press and hold the Volume Up button while still holding down the Power button.
  • Highlight Wipe data/factory reset with the Volume buttons.
  • To select the choice, press the Power button.
  • Select Yes to confirm, and then let the phone do its thing.
  • After that, click the Reboot system now button.


Solution 2: Without Using Factory Reset

If you do not want to use factory reset to access Setup Wizard for the second time (for whatever reasons), this solution will enlist the steps for achieving the same. 

  • If you are running on a ROM that has init.d support, for instance CyanogenMod, you will be required to create a file called ‘00Asetupwizard’ that should contain the following:


adb shell am start -n

rm -f /system/etc/init.d/00Asetupwizard

  • Then run the following commands on your computer, connected to your phone over USB: 
  • Connecting your phone to your computer using USB, run the following commands on your computer in the Command Shell:

% adb remount

% adb push 00Asetupwizard /system/etc/init.d/

% adb shell chmod 0755 /system/etc/init.d/00Asetupwizard

If adb remount gives an error for unknown reasons, try the following instead:

% adb push 00Asetupwizard /sdcard/

% adb shell

$ su

# mount -o remount,rw /system

# mv /sdcard/00Asetupwizard /system/etc/init.d/

# chmod 0755 /system/etc/init.d/00Asetupwizard

It’s important to note that “%” is used to show the shell prompt on your computer, so it’s different from the ADB shell prompt.


How to navigate the Setup Wizard the second time on Android?

To set up your Android device again using the Setup Wizard, you will have to go about it the same way you did when you initially set up your phone. Here is a brief on how to navigate the Setup Wizard the second time on Android:

  • Language screen> Press ‘Start.’
  • Wi-Fi screen>Press ‘Skip’> ‘Skip Anyway’
  • Google & Location screen> Press ‘Right Arrow’>’Right arrow’
  • Date & Time screen >Press ‘Right Arrow’
  • ‘This device belongs to’ screen> Press ‘Right Arrow’>’Right Arrow.’
  • Google Services screen> Press ‘Right Arrow’> ‘Finish’


How to Run Android Setup Wizard?

Follow the following steps to run the android setup wizard:

  • The first step in running the Android setup Wizard is to choose a language. This is accomplished by tapping on the “Changing the Default Language” icon. The user can manually select the new default language by tapping.
  • You can adjust the hearing, vision, and dexterity impairments in the Android setup. Changing the typeface is optional and can be accomplished by going to Settings-> Accessibility. The user can check or change the Accessibility settings, such as text size, by touching this icon.
  • The user can go to the following stage when you have set the default language and display font size. To go to the next level, pick Start on the introductory screen and then Next on the Accessibility screen.
  • Ascertain that your network is stable. If your system is stable, pick the network name and input your network password. To proceed, tap Connect->Next.
  • You must carefully read the End User License Agreement (EULA). After you’ve finished reading, check the “I Understand” box.
  • To obtain the Diagnostic and Usage Data information, you must first read the Consent. Because it is optional, you can select Yes or No Thanks. Then select Next.
  • To use the Android services and apps, the user must have a Google/ Gmail account.
  • If you already have a Google / Gmail account, choose Yes and input your account information.
  • If you don’t already have one, click ‘Get an Account’ to set up a Google/Gmail account.
  • Set Google location preferences by checking the boxes. Next should be chosen.
  • You will notice the phrase ‘This phone belongs to…’ Personalize your phone by entering your name. To proceed, click the right arrow icon.
  • Some Samsung apps demand a free Samsung account from the user.
  • If you already have a Samsung account, tap Sign In to register right away. You will be asked to enter your email address and Samsung password.
  • If you do not already have a Samsung account, select Create Account to create one.
  • There is an option to change the name that will be used to identify the phone.
  • You can also enable Easy mode to simplify the user interface on your Android phone.
  • To exit the Wizard, use the Finish button.

As the Wizard configures the phone for the first time, some versions of Android phones may offer additional options and dialogue boxes. Simply follow the steps and you’re ready to go.

How to Skip the Google Setup Wizard

The Google setup process is part of the Android operating system and cannot usually be avoided. The Honeywell provisioner, on the other hand, allows you to bypass the Google setup wizard. Skipping the Google setup wizard applies only to Android phones with mobility hardware of the following models: 75e Android, CT50 Android, CT60 Android, CN51 Android, CN75, CK75, EDA50, and Android 4.x, Android 6.x, and Android 7.x operating systems. To avoid the Google setup procedure, follow these steps:

  • For mobility, run EZConfig on a PC and access the DeviceConfig.xml file that was initially acquired from the device.
  • Set the necessary settings to 0. Among these options are ‘Other Settings’>’GoogleStartupWizard.’
  • The configuration barcode should be printed. You may also find the code in File 1.
  • The Google Setup Wizard will show when the device has been factory reset.
  • Scan the setup barcodes and store Deviceconfig.xml in IPSM/Honeywell/persist to activate the settings.
  • The ‘desktop’ will be displayed by the device.
  • Because the Deviceconfig.xml is saved in IPSM/ Honeywell/ persist, a factory reset (with the option ‘Erase IPSM’ deselected) would bypass the Google Setup Wizard once more.


How to bypass the activation screen of LG?

If this is the first time you have turned on your LG phone and you do not want it to be activated in the Boost mobile network, all you need to do is avoid the activation process on your LG phone. And here are the precise methods that will assist you in achieving your goal.

  • Choose your language.

When you turn on your LG device, you will be directed to the Accessibility settings page, which is designed for people who are visually challenged or disabled. And then click “Next” to move to the Language selection screen, where you must select your chosen language, such as English, in order to continue.

  • Wi-Fi should be turned off.

You will now be presented with the Wi-Fi configuration screen. If you want to finish the setup process fast and bypass the LG activation, it is highly recommended that you turn off your Wi-Fi and skip the Wi-Fi setup first. 

This is because the Wi-Fi network will compel you to download and upgrade the most recent firmware for your phone.

If you are unable to activate your LG, then, on the Wi-Fi configuration screen, keep tapping the “Next” button until a Hands Free Activation Popup appears. You can see that it has been attempting to activate your LG phone for a considerable amount of time. 

The operation will, however, fail and display a Network error message because your LG device has not yet been enabled.

  • Skip the activation.

The activation process will be terminated as soon as it fails and stops. You will be informed that your LG phone is not configured and you will be free to skip this stage. Continue by following the instructions and clicking “Skip” to proceed.


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