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You can finally add Progressive Web Apps to your iPhone and iPad Home Screen using Chrome’s updated app. This should make it easier for users to save and access their favorite web apps and websites from their screens.

This capability was made possible through Apple’s work that can be traced back to its iOS 16.4 update. To recall, this is where the Cupertino giant started allowing third-party apps to place web apps on the iPhone and iPad Home Screens. The permission also includes push notifications, allowing these saved web apps to work like regular apps. Google is finally bringing it to its iOS Chrome app.

As spotted by Chris Messina (via 9To5Mac), the feature was only available in Safari before. With this, it is good news for Apple users as it would give them the freedom to use Google’s browser to create shortcuts for Progressive Web Apps. Another good thing about this is that it will allow instant access to whatever website you will save without requiring you to open it from Safari. 

The new capability requires iOS 16.4 or later and the most updated version of Chrome. For those who already have these requirements, the shortcuts can be easily created by tapping “Share” and then “Add to Home Screen.”


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