Official iPhone 14 Wallpapers

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Apple’s iPhone 15 is expected to have the thinnest bezels of all its smartphone offerings at 1.55mm. Nonetheless, a recent report reveals that the Cupertino company is hoping to push beyond that, even to the point of producing iPhones that are “bezel-less.”

Korean website The Elec shared that Apple made a request to Samsung and LG, who are known to produce displays for Apple. According to the report, the Cupertino giant wants its suppliers to “develop OLED that removes all iPhone front bezels.” Nonetheless, Apple reportedly wants to keep the current design of its iPhones, pushing it to turn down the idea of employing the curved edge displays already being used in some Samsung smartphones. 

According to the report, aside from the optical distortion effect, Apple is also concerned about the durability of curved displays, which won’t be able to cater to the other planned improvements of Apple for its iPhones. However, to implement the bezel-less OLED design, the two companies reportedly have to improve thin-film encapsulation (TFE) and under-panel camera (UPC) technologies while securing space for the antenna and reducing interference problems. Unfortunately, the report says, “It is still a technology that requires time to apply to mass production,” so it is unknown how long exactly it will take Samsung and LG to make this possible. 

Aside from the ones mentioned above, the report stresses that there are also other difficulties with implementing a fully bezel-less display in handhelds. It added that Apple is already exploring this by trying to minimize the bezel in its iPhone 15 Pro lineup productions. Yet, it is important to note that this same move led to some issues for Apple. The displays made by LG Display reportedly failed reliability tests, pushing Apple to make some tweaks to solve it. Thankfully, a more recent report says the issue is finally resolved, indicating a step forward for Apple toward its bezel-less vision for iPhones.


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