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It seems Apple is preparing the phaseout of its old, forgotten iTunes Movie Trailers app. According to the banner and notes appearing on the app and the app’s App Store page, Apple is promoting the Apple TV app as “the new home of iTunes Movie Trailers.”

This indicates Apple’s intention to guide its customers toward its more popular Apple TV app and make it a one-stop place for its video offerings. Today, users in the US report seeing the banner on the iOS app. The same line is also now visible on the app’s App Store page and the iTunes Movie Trailers website:

Apple TV app is the new home of iTunes Movie Trailers. Open the Apple TV app to watch trailers.

Complementing the move and further confirming Apple’s intention is the addition of the new “Watch the Latest Trailers” in the TV app of US customers. It is not yet widely available to everyone, but those with access to the new section say it features the iTunes Movie Trailers logo, titled “Movie & TV Trailers.”

Apple still has no comment about the matter and its future plans for the old iTunes Movie Trailers app. Nonetheless, with the details shared above, it is not impossible that we will soon lose a classic Apple app.


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