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Apple’s fifth developer beta for iOS 17 is already available, and there are lots of things to check out on the update if you still haven’t explored each of its corners.

The Cupertino giant released the new beta version of the update this week for developers, and it was followed by Beta 3 for public testers of iOS 17. As expected, the two share the same build number, 21A5303d. This means both will feature the same changes and improvements across the system. Here are some of the most notable changes you’ll see in the new beta releases:

  • The Health app’s State of Mind has been updated. Most of the changes focus on the appearance of the section, so expect new designs and colors.
  • In Settings > Accessibility, the Voice Control and Assistive Access icons have been updated. The icon of the flashlight in the Control Center has also been changed, with its overall look appearing to be larger and thicker.
  • The modem has been updated, which means the release should bring better overall connectivity performance for devices.
  • There is an improvement in the animation of the media menu (+) in iMessage when you tap on it. When you conjure Search from your home screen, you’ll also notice that the animation seems more flawless in this release. 
  • You’ll see a “Sample Data” reflecting the type of data (Full or Limited) you are sharing in the Check In in iMessage. This should give you a better insight into what data you share when using the feature.
  • There is the new “Synched content” option in Settings > General > iPhone Storage. This will give you the storage details of the “media content synchronized from your computer.” The new option is located at the end of all the apps on the list, so you might need to swipe at the bottom of the screen and tap “Show All.”
  • The order of the wallpapers (the options) has been changed.
  • If you search for the Timer in the Spotlight and select the Set Timer under the Shortcuts, you’ll be able to set a timer longer than 24 hours. Just tap the Set Timer and select the hour option and the duration you want.
  • In the Tips app, you’ll now be welcomed by the “Setup checklist” suggestion instead of the former Keep in Touch option.
  • The Live Voicemail now has a new prompt: “Your call has been forwarded to voicemail. The person you’re trying to reach is not available. At the tone, please record your message.”
  • Safari will show a new splash screen for “Locked Private Browsing” when you go to the Private tab. It shares the details of the feature, from security to the unlocking process.
  • Apple has brought back the “Run After Confirmation” and “Run Immediately” options, which were removed in the previous beta release. The options appear in the Automation section of the Shortcuts app when you create a new automation (by tapping New Automation) for location. Specifically, you’ll see it on the Arrive page.
  • You’ll see a new popup screen when you open the Remote app in the Control Center. It is an option to “Locate Your Remote,” so you can “Find your paired Apple TVRemote when it’s nearby but out of sight.” This will only show to devices with Apple TV paired on their devices.
  • You might have also noticed that the buttons on your calling screen have been rearranged. 


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