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Apple now authorizes Russian developers to offer third-party payment systems in their apps, allowing users to have an in-app purchase via a bank card or other method. Alongside this announcement, the Cupertino giant says it will now charge a 27% commission fee whenever a payment on any Russian app is performed via external means.

Information and analytical agency TelecomDaily CEO Denis Kuskov (via TASS) shared the news on Tuesday, saying Apple sent a letter to developers in Russia to inform them about the change.

“[A letter offering the] option of bypassing the exclusive nature of mono payments, that is, via the App Store only, was sent to all Russian developers. The opportunity is now available to pay using various other options that meet Apple’s requirements,” Kuskov said.

In order to allow this, developers will have to adopt the StoreKit External Purchase API of iOS and iPadOS. This will enable the apps to include a link to the developer’s website, informing users about additional purchasing options. However, as Apple notes in the letter, developers must submit a request and follow other instructions. After submission, the company will review the app to ensure it is complying with its policies.

The news follows the issue the Cupertino giant faced with the Russian court after it rejected its appeal over claims of abusing its power to push its App Store in-app payment rules to Russian developers. The company was fined 1.2 billion roubles for the issue in January by Russia’s federal anti-monopoly service.


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