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There is a new station in Apple Music that will help you discover new songs you probably haven’t heard of but will certainly match your style. Called “Discovery Station,” the new radio station is located in the Top Picks section under Listen Now.

The station had been in test for quite some time, but it should now be accessible to everyone. As the name suggests, the new station is meant to help Apple Music users to find new songs. What makes it different from the current personal (your name) Station you have, however, is its algorithm focused on taste. There is still no documentation to clarify this, but it will reportedly provide you with songs not included in your playlist or library. In terms of its algorithm, the Discovery Station should find new songs based on the ones in your personal library and the songs you have listened to or liked before. Also, given it is a station, it won’t have limits and will always give you varying songs constantly.

What do you think of the Discovery Station? Have you already tried it? Let us know your experience in the comment section!


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