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While we are still waiting for the release of iOS 17, which is still months away, Apple is continuously polishing iOS 16.6 Beta. On Thursday, the company rolled out the iOS 16.6 Beta 3. The release also includes the rollout of iPadOS 16.6 Beta 3, watchOS 9.6 Beta 3, HomePod OS 16.6 Beta 3, and macOS 13.5 Beta 3.

iOS testers and developers can now get the iOS 16.6 Beta 3 by going to the iOS 16 Developer Beta section in the Beta Updates page of their Settings app. However, it is important to note that there are probably no significant things to expect from the new beta except for performance improvements. To recall, no major changes or modifications were included in the features of the first two beta versions of the OS, so this is likely the case in the third beta.

Yet, for those who plan on joining the test, one of the top feature highlights of iOS 16.6 includes the iMessage Contact Key Verification. According to Apple, the feature will give users another option to verify that the recipient of their messages or someone they are talking to is really the person they trust. In case of an “exceptionally advanced adversary” has managed to eavesdrop on the supposedly encrypted communications, the activated feature will provide automatic alerts. This will specifically benefit individuals who “face extraordinary digital threats,” including journalists, human rights activists, and government officials.

The release of iOS 16.6 Beta 3 came as the test of iOS 17 continues. Unfortunately, iOS 17, which is expected to arrive in September, is still problematic. If you are planning to join the program for iOS 17 beta testing, note that the beta of the update comes with tons of bugs. According to reports from different testers from various forums, some of the biggest ones include extreme battery usage, app crashes and freezing, keyboard issues, messaging app problems, and more.


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