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Apple Developer Program members already have access to the developer beta of iOS 17 using a limited list of iPhone models. If you are planning to test the update soon, you might want to pause first and read these bugs currently being experienced by testers.

The iOS 17 stable release is expected to arrive in September, but Apple has to first try the update with testers. Unfortunately, test like this usually include issues that Apple has to fix before rolling out the final version of the iOS update. Current developers from different forums confirm that many problems are now affecting iOS 17 beta, ranging from battery and keyboard issues to app crashes and more.

Here is a list of the bugs you can expect from iOS 17 if you’re planning to try it out in the coming days:

  • Media not showing up (e.g., sending video or image via Discord)
  • Settings app and other apps crashing or freezing
  • The keyboard fails to minimize (and malfunctions) in some apps or fails to launch at all (relaunching the app reportedly resolves the issue temporarily)
  • iPhone device excessively heating up, especially when charging
  • Excessive battery usage
  • A bug causing a huge decrease in storage
  • Failing outgoing FaceTime calls
  • StandBy mode failing or taking time to show
  • Backgrounds rotating 90 degrees after using StandBy mode
  • Unlocked icon (and other notifications) showing for an extended period of time in Dynamic Island
  • Dynamic Island is not working
  • The Music section of Settings is inaccessible for some, especially after enabling Crossfade
  • Failure to create Contact Posters
  • Video calls failing to connect via mobile data
  • SMS threads refresh multiple times when opened
  • The wallpaper or background turns black (or other colors) when activating the dark mode
  • Delays in deleting messages
  • The Messages app says the message is not sent even if it is delivered successfully to Android recipients; the same error notification applies to the internet connection
  • The last messages sometimes don’t even show
  • Notifications sometimes don’t wake the phone
  • The update auto-deletes non-Apple apps after the update
  • Dual SIM iPhone models sometimes use the wrong line even when the device is using a default line for calls
  • Volume control glitches
  • Bug in Apple Pay forcing users to double-click and use a passcode
  • Mic stays on after the call
  • Typing a website address in the tab bar at the bottom of the screen causes Safari to restart
  • The widget for AirPods battery status sometimes doesn’t work
  • UI bugs and inconsistencies
  • Some calls directly go to voice messages
  • Sending voice messages fails
  • The share button in Apple Fitness+ takes a long time to load
  • VPN is not working on some users
  • Wallpapers don’t rotate

These are just some of the current bugs being experienced by testers with the iOS 17 beta on their devices. Also, note that the experiences might vary from one user to another. If you are also in the Apple Developer Program and experiencing issues like these (or unique bugs), let us know in the comment section!


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