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China‘s new law that it wants app platforms to impose on developers reached its deadline in August. Different Android platforms have already complied with it, but a recent report indicates that Apple is still not making any move. (via Reuters)

The law requires developers to file business details with the government in hopes of discouraging online fraud. This will push the developers to be a part of a local company in China or work with one. App stores, meanwhile, were given until August to set up their own filing systems for new apps. China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which formed a task force to enforce the new law, said that apps that fail to observe the new rules will face consequences once the grace period ends in March 2024.

Android app stores have already informed developers about the filings for the new apps, according to a report from Chinese publisher and operator AppInChina. Some reportedly include Tencent, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo, which threatened apps from not being featured on their platforms in case of failing to follow the new rule. WeChat also informed its developers that the law will be observed in its Mini Apps.

Apple, however, is reportedly not making any moves to check the filings of the apps on its platform in China. There are still no comments from the Cupertino giant about the matter, but the law is expected to significantly affect its platform, where developers could formerly publish apps without providing the Chinese government with some paperwork. Though the move initially seems to show Apple’s resistance to the matter, it is expected to soon embrace the change as China is a significant market. Also, it already followed the government’s regulations on generative AI apps, resulting in the removal of numerous apps from the App Store in August. 


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