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Apple introduced an update to its Apple Support app in the App Store. The new update, which rolled out on Monday, brings performance enhancements and bug fixes alongside new features for the app. One of the highlights of the new version is the two new sections in the app, giving users more details about store hours, accessibility details, specialty services, and more.

The update follows a huge change Apple implemented in May, wherein different improvements and capabilities were introduced in the app. This includes the expansion of the service to Vietnam, which led to the addition of Vietnamese as a supported language of the app. At that time, Apple also started allowing users to browse the providers in their area to see what’s nearby. The company continues its work in this section by introducing the new update, which gives users more details about nearby locations:

Added helpful information about nearby locations, including store hours, accessibility details, and specialty services available.

The new update is now available in the App Store, and it will bring users two new sections in the Locations in the app: the Store Hours and Good to Know sections. The former presents more detailed info about a store’s operating hours, allowing stores to inform their customers of operating hour changes during specific dates or occasions. Meanwhile, the Good to Know section shows accessibility details and the store’s specialty services.

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