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Apple might also sell the iPhone 15 in Vietnam in September, according to the latest report. If true, this will allow the customers in the said market to obtain the new models earlier compared to the iPhone 14 distribution in 2022.

Retail website Retail News Asia shared the information recently, saying a local electronics retail chain confirmed Apple’s plan to adjust the priority of the Vietnamese market from three to two. It adds that “Vietnam retailers could be authorized to sell the new iPhone 15 in its second phase of release.” This means that the new series could come to the country in September, a month earlier than the previous iPhone releases it experienced. For instance, despite the release of the iPhone 14 in September 2022, Apple only started the iPhone 14 distribution in Vietnam on October 14 since its status is in third phase priority.

The website stresses that the change is part of Apple’s growing interest in the Vietnam market, which might also explain the recent rollout of Apple Pay in the country earlier this month.

“The final decision has not been made, but it is a remarkable signal that Apple is more interested in Vietnam and iPhone 15 may be sold a few weeks earlier than previous years,” the manager of the local electronics retail chain told the website.

On the other hand, despite the good news, there is still a possibility that Vietnamese customers might still have to wait a little longer due to the rumored supply issues Apple is facing with its iPhone 15 production. According to Retail News Asia, some electronics retail chains support the possibility, which means the release of the new line could still end up “past its expected date in early October.”


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