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Livestreaming is one of the biggest things in China now. And despite being a huge tech company with countless physical stores, Apple is joining the trend. However, unlike other participating businesses offering high discounts and gorgeous models, Apple is using its tech experts to teach buyers how to use their Apple devices in the best ways possible.

Apple is not the first in everything, but its innovative quality makes its products stand out. The Cupertino giant is applying the same approach in its new e-commerce strategy in China. According to Reuters, the company’s show in China in May garnered 300,000 likes and over 1.3 million viewers in just an hour. That’s without celebrity hosts or discounts to lure viewers into joining the show. As the report stresses, the number indicates what customers and viewers are really looking for in e-commerce livestreaming shows: content over discounts.

In the show, Apple experts showcased the features of its iPhones and Apple Watches and how users can use them for different purposes. For instance, the show highlighted how to effectively use an iPhone for movie filming, while the Apple Watch was marketed as a workout tool.

The decision to join the new e-commerce craze should help Apple further cement its place as a dominant tech device vendor in the Chinese market. Today, the company is still a significant mobile vendor in China, but it has been recently dethroned by Huawei as the top performer. According to the latest Stat Counter data, Apple’s 34.66% April market share in the place made a steep drop to 22.8% in May. This fall opened the door for Huawei, making it the top mobile vendor in China in May at 24.17%. The numbers, however, seemed not to be improving for Apple this month. Currently, its share sits at 20.34% as Huawei continues to maintain its current stand.

On a positive note, Apple is expected to regain momentum in the coming months, especially in the release of its new iPhone 15 series in September. The new series is expected to be available at Apple Stores. Yet, with the success of its recent livestreaming show among Chinese customers, it is not impossible to soon see the brand selling it online in China.


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