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Google Assistant is a virtual assistant developed by Google. It provides features such as setting reminders, looking up information from the web, controlling home automation devices, calling, etc. Therefore, it is one of the most valuable developments in recent times for mobile devices. 

However, sometimes the Google Assistant fails to operate correctly. At times like these, users are usually prompted with the error “Can’t reach Google at the moment.” In this article, we will cover all things related to this error and how to fix it. 


Things to keep in mind before using Google Assistant

1. Compatibility check

While Google Assistant is very light in terms of requirements, making sure that the particular device you are using is indeed compatible. Here is a checklist that covers all requirements for Google Assistant: 

  • Android version 5.0 or higher 
  • Minimum 1 GB of RAM
  • Google app version 6.13 or higher
  • 720P or better display quality
  • Google Play Services need to be activated
  • Device language needs to be supported by Google Assistant


2. Enable Google Assistant 

Most device users require users to manually set up Google Assistant and “Hey Google”. Make sure you have done the needful of enabling Google Assistant on your device. Here’s how to do it:

  • Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your Android device
  • Step 2: Go to “Google” and select “Settings for Google apps”.
  • Step 3: Find “Search, Assistant & Voice” and select Google Assistant
  • Step 4: Select “Hey Google & Voice Match”. Now set up Google Assistant. If it’s already enabled, setup again anyway for proper calibration of voice.
  • Step 5: Open the Google Assistant app.
  • Step 6: Look for the mini compass icon on the top right and select it.
  • Step 7: Go to Explore > Three vertical dots icon > Settings > Tap on your device’s name and enable Google Assistant. If it was already enabled, toggle it back off and enable it again.

If you continue to face issues with Google Assistant, we recommend going through the fixes mentioned in the article below. 


How to fix: Google Assistant Can’t Reach Google At The Moment

Here are a few fixes you can try to get Google Assistant started again.

1. Check for updates

Running older versions of Android apps is a classic mistake most users make. While you could get away with doing this for some apps, apps such as Google Assistant that primarily rely on internet connectivity just don’t work with incompatibility. 

Make sure both Google and Google Assistant are updated to their latest versions from the Google Play Store. You should also ensure that your Android device is running the latest software as outdated software is also a common bottleneck that may cause some apps to function improperly.

2. Check your internet connection

The error “Can’t reach Google at the moment” generally means you are trying to access something that the Assistant needs online access for to retrieve information from Google. Make sure your device is running an active internet connection before trying to access Google Assistant. Alternatively, you can also try to switch to a different network and see if that works. Doing so is wise as some networks may not provide privileges for Google Assistant to go online. 

3. Restart your phone

As with most Android apps, Google Assistant sometimes faces a software bottleneck. A simple power cycle can then fix this issue. Power cycling is when you switch off a device, wait for a minute or two and let it reboot to recalibrate. Doing so with Android devices goes a long way as it gives your device a chance to refresh all cache memory and background data and readjust itself for a more seamless experience. 

4. Turn on permissions

Google Assistant requires certain permissions from the device to function properly. Make sure all the permissions for Google are turned on in your device settings. Here’s how to do it:

  • Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your Android device.
  • Step 2: Go to “Google” and select “Permissions”
  • Step 3: Turn on all the permissions required by the app.

5. Retrain Google Assistant

At times, Google Assistant fails to operate because it does not recognize your voice. If this is why it isn’t working for you, you can fix it by simply retraining it to recognize your voice. Here’s how to do it:

  • Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your Android device.
  • Step 2: Go to “Google” and select “Settings for Google apps”.
  • Step 3: Find “Search, Assistant & Voice” and select Google Assistant
  • Step 4: Select “Hey Google & Voice Match”. Now, set up Google Assistant again with a clear tone as you would generally like to use the assistant. 

5. Turn off other assistants on your device

With so many virtual assistants available these days, it is common for users to try more than one simultaneously. If you are one of those users, this may be why your Google Assistant is not working. Try disabling all other virtual assistants on your phone and then try to connect to Google servers via Google Assistant again. 

6. Reinstall Google and Google Assistant

Sometimes Android app data/software gets corrupted causing it to crash and run improperly. It is possible the same happened with your device. The only way to find it is by actually reinstalling the said apps. Head over to the Play Store and uninstall both Google and Google Assistant. Now, restart your device. Once restarted, install the apps back again and see if that fixes the issue. 

7. Wait for Google servers 

It may be surprising to many readers but even Google servers face downtime. It is possible that you are trying to access Google Assistant when the servers are down. It is advised that you wait until the servers are back up again. 



Google Assistant is an incredible tool for reducing human effort while using Android devices. You can use it for a variety of tasks such as setting up reminders, retrieving information from Google, calling a contact, and much more. 

Despite that, users may sometimes face problems connecting to it. A common error with Google Assistant is “Can’t reach Google at the moment.” We discussed all the ways users can bypass this error in the article above.


How do you give Google Assistant access to your screen?


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