How do you give Google Assistant access to your screen?
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Google Assistant can display information, apps, and actions relevant to the words on your screen. Some features aren’t available in every language or country.

Here is how you can give Google Assistant access to your screen:

  • Touch and hold the Home button on your Android phone or tablet, or speak “Hey Google.”
  • Tap What exactly is on my screen?
  • You can view what is on your screen under the following segments (and more):

People: Learn more about well-known people.

Movies: Learn more about a specific film.

Music: Use your music app to learn more about a song or an artist.

Restaurants: View ratings and menus, as well as obtain directions to a restaurant.


How to disable or enable access to Google Assistant to your screen?

Disabling or enabling Screen Search is one way to disable or enable access to Google Assistant to your screen. Here is how you can enable or disable Screen Search

  • Say “Hey Google, open Assistant settings” on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Tap General under “All settings.”
  • Use screen context can be toggled on or off depending on whether you want to give Google Assistant the access to your screen or not.

Note: When you turn on the switch, your Google Assistant sends the content on your screen to Google to gather information depending on what you’re viewing.


How to Use Google Assistant on Lock Screen?

  • Activate the apps tray
  • Open the Google Application on your computer.
  • Tap three horizontal lines on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Select Settings > Voice > Voice Match from the drop-down menu.
  • Toggle the Unlock with Voice Match switch on.


Here are Things you can say and do with Google Assistant:

Google Assistant can play music for you, make reminders, check your flight, and do a variety of other things. Here are a few things you can do and say to Assistant using only your voice.

Android manufacturers occasionally use the power/sleep button to start up the assistant, thus tapping it briefly will activate Google Assistant in many circumstances. Open the Google Assistant app on your iOS device.

Send an email

Say “text Eric”, “send a WhatsApp message”, “text Alice arriving at 5pm”, “inform Sally I’ll be 5 minutes late”, and so on.

Timers should be set

Say “Hey Google” followed by “set a timer”, “countdown 1 minute”, “start a timer for 10 minutes”, or “set a timer for 5 minutes”, for example, to ask Assistant to establish a timer.

Launch any app

Say “Hey Google” followed by “open YouTube,” “Launch Calendar,” or “Open Wi-Fi Settings,” for example, to ask Assistant to open an app for you.

Look in the Play Store

Say “Hey Google” followed by “Facebook in Play Store,” “WhatsApp in Play Store,” “Uber in Play Store,” or “Twitter in Play Store,” for example, to ask Assistant to find an app for you in the Play Store.

Set timers

Say “Hey Google” followed by “set an alarm…”, “wake me up at 9AM”, “wake me up at 10AM everyday”, “set my alarm for 8AM”, or “display my alarms”, etc. to ask the Assistant to set an alarm for you.

Inquire about the weather

Say “Hey Google” followed by “what’s the weather”, “will it rain tomorrow”, “how hot is it outdoors”, “what’s the temperature”, or “forecast for the weekend”, for example, to ask Assistant about the weather.

Obtain sports news

To ask Assistant about sports news, say “Hey Google” followed by “Did the Red Sox win,” “who is the fastest guy alive,” or “what is the Real Madrid squad,” and so on.

Pose a query

Say “Hey Google” and then ask any question, such as “who is Archimedes”, “how distant is the moon”, “how many ounces in a cup”, “how many ounces in a pound”, “what is a dangling participle”, and so on. In many circumstances, Google will read the information back to you and tell you where it came from.

Play some songs

Say “Hey Google” followed by “play some music”, “play some Jazz”, “play some fitness music”, “listen to Daft Punk”, “listen to Imagine on Spotify”, and so on.

You may set your default music app in the Services page of Google Assistant’s settings, and it will play music from that source automatically.

Stream something from Netflix

To start viewing Netflix, say “Hey Google” followed by what you wish to watch: “Watch Umbrella Academy on Netflix.” This will allow you to watch Umbrella Academy on Netflix. You are not have to watch Umbrella Academy, but you should since it is excellent.

Listen to the news

Say “Hey Google” followed by “what’s the news,” “international news,” “what’s the news regarding the US elections,” or “sports news,” for Assistant to narrate news from sources you’ve pre-selected.

In control of smart gadgets

You must first configure suitable smart devices before you can ask Assistant to control them. Then you may say “Hey Google,” followed by “turn off the kitchen lights,” “tell Deebot to clean the kitchen,” “turn up the heating,” and so on.

Inquire about your day

Say “Hey Google” followed by “good morning,” “good afternoon,” or “good evening” to ask Assistant for your daily briefing. You’ll hear the weather, scheduled meetings, a news narrative, and other information.

Check the status of your next flight or reservation

If you have confirmations sent to a Gmail account, Google Assistant will be aware of your scheduled travel. Simply say “Hey Google” and then “What’s my next flight?” “and you’ll be presented with a list of forthcoming flights. You might also ask, “When am I traveling to Barcelona?” to get information about your Barcelona flight, for example.

Carry out real-time translations

To request real-time translations from Assistant, say “Hey Google” followed by “‘Hello’ in Spanish,” and so on.

Make a phone call

Say “Hey Google” followed by “call Sally,” “make a phone call,” “call Alice Walker,” or “call mum at home,” for example, to ask Assistant to make a call for you.

Set up recurring reminders

Say “Hey Google” followed by “set a reminder…”, “remind me to get milk”, “remind me to buy milk tonight”, “remind me to call mum”, “remind me to do laundry when I get home”, and so on.

Obtain directions

Say “Hey Google” followed by “navigate home,” “navigate to work,” “directions to 100 Main Street,” “navigate to the nearest coffee shop,” or “navigate to the post office,” for example. This will generate a route and launch Google Maps Navigation.

Get your smartphone unlocked

Simply say “Hey Google” to ask Assistant to unlock your device (must be enabled in Google Assistant Settings). If you’re in a noisy environment, it could not recognise your voice correctly.

Games and amusement

Google Assistant, like Siri, can be amusing. It’s also useful for keeping your thoughts occupied when you’re bored. Here are a few things that Assistant can do in addition to working around the clock to meet your every need.

Discover what’s nearby

Say “Hey Google” followed by commands such as “find a restaurant,” “nearby events,” “nearby hotel,” “what are some nearby bars,” “what comedy movies are playing,” and so on.

While traveling, locate items

Say “Hey Google” followed by “flights to New York,” “hotels in Boston,” “restaurants in Barcelona,” “where can I hike in France,” or “Is United flight 16 on time” to ask Assistant to find anything when you’re traveling.

Google a search term

Say “Hey Google” followed by “search for…” followed by whatever you’re looking for – whether it is a vacation idea, zebra facts, funny one-liners, moon facts, etc.

Look at what’s on your schedule.

Say “Hey Google” followed by “what’s on my calendar” to ask the Assistant to look at your calendar.

Display your photos, including images of your dog, cuisine, and children

Say “Hey Google” followed by “show me my images” to get an Assistant to show you your Google Photos. Google Photos understands what shots contain, thus it will also return photos of items such as your dog, food, children, or places; simply say “show my pictures of cars” and your automobile photos will be presented.

Examine your emails

Say “Hey Google” followed by “show me my emails” to get the Assistant to display you your Gmail emails. Emails from your associated account will be shown.

Apps that use voice commands

Tap the microphone icon on your keyboard to use Assistant to dictate in supported messaging apps, including Google’s own Messaging app.


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