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There are thousands of keyboards for right-handed gamers; they come with exciting features and customization options. But when it comes to left-handed keyboards, the options are limited. We have reviewed five gaming keyboards for left-handed users, including two gaming keypads. The keyboards we have reviewed can’t compete with the latest high-end keyboards, but they feature dedicated Numpad on the left side and use great switches. We have also reviewed a model that features dedicated Numpad, arrow keys, and other required keys on the left side instead of just Numpad. 


Bloody Gaming B945 Light Strike – Left Handed Gaming Keyboard 

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The Bloody Gaming B945 is a full-size ergonomic mechanical keyboard with a left-sided Numpad and features fast Optical switches, RGB backlighting, and software for customizing lighting and setting macros. 

The keyboard can also be used by right-handed gamers who want to keep the mouse closer to the keyboard. So if you like tenkeyless keyboards because they let you keep the mouse closer but also want a dedicated Numpad, the B945 might end your search. 

Design and Features

The board looks stylish, and the overall build quality is excellent. It measures 15 x 5 x 1.25 inches (LxWxH) and is available in black color. The board has a solid metal frame and shiny parameter that gives it a premium look. 

The Bloody’s branding is above the arrow keys, and the layout is for left-handed users, as mentioned before. The keyboard also comes with a removable wrist rest, but instead of a magnet, it is attached with screws; thus, it’s not good for the user experience, but on the upside, the metal wrist rest has an excellent rubber coating and feels comfortable.

Its optical switches have fast actuation and are more durable than traditional switches. Its LK Libra Brown linear switches are pretty similar to Cherry MX Red, and LK Libra Orange clicky switches are similar to Cherry MX Blue. According to Bloody Gaming, the switches have a lifespan of 100 million keypresses; thus, the board should last years.

If you are a left-handed gamer who wishes to play Fortnite, Overwatch, PUBG, or any other fast-paced game, the Bloody Gaming B945 can be exactly what you are looking for.


  • Eight extra ABS keys
  • 100% Anti-Ghosting
  • Fast Optical switches
  • 1000Hz/1ms Response Rate 


  • No USB passthrough 
  • No dedicated media keys 



DSI Left Handed Mechanical Keyboard



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The DSI Cherry Red KB-DS-8861XPU-B-V2 is not better than the Bloody B945, but it’s still an excellent device for left-handed gamers. Just like the B945, it is also ergonomically designed, has a fantastic key layout, and features a dedicated Numpad on the left side of the board.

Unfortunately, it does not feature backlighting, which can be a dealbreaker, but when it comes to keyboards for left-handed gamers, there are not many options. 

Design and Features

The design feels a bit outdated, but the build quality is decent. The board comes in black color only; it measures 18.4 x 6.4 x 1.5 inches (LxWxH) and has 104 keys. The keys have a decent amount of gutter space between them and feel pretty responsive and provide a bump when pressed. 

They are also rated for 20 million keystrokes, which is less than Bloody’s 100 million keystrokes but still, 20 million should be enough for most people. The unit does not come with a wrist wrest, but its ergonomic design provides a comfortable experience while typing and casual gaming. 

The USB keyboard is light on features; it does not have any type of backlighting or additional feature that enhances the gaming experience, but if you are an accountant who inputs all the values using the left hand or a left-handed gamer who does not require typical gaming keyboard features such as RGB backlighting, software for reassigning keys then this DSI model can be a good choice.


  • Responsive keys
  • Ergonomic design


  • No backlighting
  • Light on features



DURAGADGET Left-Handed Keyboard 


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This is a simple left-handed keyboard by Duragadget, it’s not even close to the latest gaming keyboards, but it’s a decent option with a great user experience. 

Design and Features

The keyboard measures 18.31 x 5.43 x 1.06 inches (LxWxH), and it’s lighter than most full-size keyboards. It is made of strong plastic; the keys are easy to reach; thus, the layout provides a good user experience.

The function keys are in the center, the dedicated Numpad is on the left side, and the arrow keys are on the right side as traditional keyboard layout. If you are looking for a keyboard with Numpad and arrow keys on the left side, you should buy DSI left-handed keyboard. 

You can type and use it for long gaming sessions without feeling any discomfort. Unfortunately, it does not come with a wrist wrest, but you can buy a wrist wrest of your own choice and use it if you have wrist issues. 

It does not have exciting gaming features because this model is not specially designed for gaming, but on the upside, it uses a removable cable that lets you carry the board in your backpack without damaging anything. It also has two USB passthroughs next to the power cable port, which can be found on the top.


  • Removable cable
  • Two USB pass-throughs


  • No backlighting



Razer Tartarus v2 – Left-Handed Gaming Keypad

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The Razer Tartarus V2 is a fantastic gaming keypad designed for gamers who don’t need a TKL or Full-size keyboard. This keypad only has required keys with RGB lighting and a directional stick. 

Design and Features

The ergonomic keypad has three rows with five keys each, and the bottom row has four keys with a scroll wheel. On the right side, it has a button that functions as ALT, a D-pad, and a button that works as the space bar. It features an adjustable hand rest, which is nicely padded and has Razer’s branding on it.

The device saves a lot of desk space and is perfect for E-sports and your gaming setup. It supports Razer Synapse 3.0 software for customization, which is pretty good. It also allows you to change keymaps, so MMO, MOBA, FPS, and RTS gamers can choose a keymap based on what they play.

The keys have an excellent response, but instead of mechanical switches, the gamepad uses Razer’s “Mecha-Membrane” technology. The Razer Tartarus V2 does not offer any advantage over regular gaming keyboards, but it’s an excellent device for left-handed gamers who want to play games such as Overwatch, The Witcher 3, World of Warcraft, e.t.c.


  • Fantastic for MMO players
  • Great customization options
  • Keys with adjustable actuation


  • Uses membrane keys instead of mechanical switches.



Redragon K585 DITI – Keypad with Detachable Wrist Rest

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Redragon is known for its high-quality mechanical gaming keyboards. It is not as famous as Corsair or Razer, but it offers top quality gaming products at lower prices than most companies. 

Their Redragon K585 DIT is a left-handed RGB mechanical gaming keypad with 7 Onboard Macro Keys. It uses Outemu Blue mechanical switches and has 42 Keys, which are suitable for all gaming genres. 

Design and Features

The keypad has attractive ergonomic design, it is made of high-quality plastic, and as mentioned, it has RGB keys with five customizable modes. Its Outemu Blue mechanical switches are a bit noisy, but they are one of the best mechanical switches when it comes to performance.

The K585 has detachable magnetic wrist rest without any padding, and there are no kickstands for changing the angle. On the upside, it offers a USB Passthrough, Reddragon’s software for macro programming, and RGB customization. 

The Redragon K585 DITI is not only popular among PC gamers; it is also loved by Xbox and PlayStation gamers. If you are looking for a left-handed gaming keypad, this model is a great choice; it is also suitable for people with large hands. 


  • Macro keys 
  • USB passthrough 
  • Ergonomic design
  • Switches offer great precision
  • Detachable magnetic wrist rest


  • Wrist rest has no padding



Buying Guide for Left-Handed Gaming Keyboards

In this buying guide, we have covered everything you need to look for before making a purchase. Some features can’t be found in left-handed keyboards due to lack of models available on the market, but we have still covered everything related to gaming keyboards. 

Things to Consider 

Build quality: Metal keyboards are the best, but if you can’t find one, you can also buy a plastic keyboard. Make sure the plastic is sturdy, and keycaps are durable. 

Keycaps: There are three main types of keyboard keycaps: ABS, PBT, and POM. POM keycaps are the rarest; thus, you should look for ABS or PBT keycaps. ABS keycaps are durable, but they can become shiny over time; therefore, if you have an option between ABS or PBT, choose PBT keycaps. PBT keycaps are also durable, and they don’t become shiny even after years. 

Backlight: Choosing between RGB lighting or standard backlighting is a personal choice. Most gamers prefer customizable RGB lighting, while some people prefer simple white backlight. Most RGB keyboards can be customized to display white color, but simple white backlight can’t be customized to display any other color; thus, you can buy an RGB keyboard even if you don’t want RGB. But make sure the keyboard has backlighting; it is a pretty important feature since it helps you type in the dark, so it’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about user experience too.

Customization options: High-end gaming keyboards offer many customization options to create the experience you want. Some options most gamers look for are programmable keys, customizable RGB lighting, and game mode. Keyboards with customization options offer proprietary software; make sure you do some research about its user interface and functionality. 

Onboard memory: Keyboards with built-in onboard memory save your customization settings; thus, you can connect the board to any computer and use it without changing the settings again. 

Key response time: Look for a keyboard with a low key response time. Low key response time means fast key registration, which directly impacts your gaming and typing experience. 

Removable cable: Keyboards that come with removable cable can be easily carried in the backup, and if you damage your keyboard, you can easily replace the detachable cable instead of purchasing a new device.


Terms Related to Keyboard keys & Switches

Reading keyboard reviews can be confusing because of all the keyboard terms. There are many terms most people don’t know about because most reviewers don’t care about defining them for beginners. We have defined some important and widely used terms which will help you choose the right device. 

What is the key travel distance?

The total distance each key travels from top to bottom is the key travel distance. Different switch types have a different travel distance, the standard travel distance is 4mm, and there are proprietary, and some Cherry switch types with lower travel distance. 

What is actuation point?

The point where the keyboard recognizes the input is the Actuation point or Pretravel. It is shorter than key travel distance since mechanical switches don’t require bottoming out the keys. 

What is the actuation force?

Actuation force is the required force to actuate the keys. Like key travel distance and pretravel, the needed actuation force depends on what switch type the board uses. The actuation force is measured in Centinewton (cN) or gram-force (gf).

What are keyboard macros?

You must have seen this word in almost all high-end gaming keyboards. The term Macros is used as a descriptor for shortcuts. Macros are always in-demand by gamers; they are used to give multiple commands with one keypress. Most expensive keyboards feature dedicated macros with software support so you can program them the way you want.

What does anti-ghosting keys mean?

Anti-ghosting technology lets the users press multiple keys together; it is usually required for high-end gaming. 

What is switch stem?

Switch stem can be seen on any mechanical switch; it is a colored plastic part used for connecting the switch to the keycap and is also used to identify the switch type using its color.

What are switch stabilizers?

Switch stabilizers are used to reduce key wobbling in bigger keys such as the backspace, enter, shift, and spacebar. 



Do you need a dedicated Numpad for gaming?

No, dedicated Numpads are not mandatory since TKL keyboards also have a row of alphanumerics that can be used instead of dedicated Numpad. Numpad is not required unless you want to reprogram it or use it for accounting work. 

Do I need to buy a wrist rest along with a keyboard?

It depends upon the keyboard profile and your preference. Some keyboards come with detachable wrist rest; some don’t. If you feel like wrist rest is required for comfort, you can buy one. 

Are one-handed keyboards good for gaming?

One-handed keyboards are cheaper than traditional gaming keyboards because of less number of keys and smaller size. They only feature required keys, and some even come with a directional stick. These affordable keyboards are good, but you might have to spend some time getting used to it if you have never used one. 

What is the point of gaming keypads?

Some people think gaming keypads are pointless because they have never used one or tried using one for a few minutes but did not like it. But it’s not true; gaming keypads provide better control and have only essential keys with thumbstick and scroll wheel. Once gamers start using keypads, especially MMO gamers, they don’t go back to traditional gaming keyboards.


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