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Cryptocurrency trading has become a popular fundraising method, offering a seamless way to buy and sell digital assets. Good liquidity is crucial for maintaining market stability and protecting asset prices. In this article, we explore the importance of liquidity in cryptocurrencies and offer guidance on finding a reliable liquidity provider in 2023.

Concept of Liquidity

Crypto liquidity is purchasing and selling digital assets at fair market prices. It is influenced by trade frequency and price spread. Crypto liquidity providers (LPs) are companies that actively trade crypto assets and help brokers fulfill client orders. They address liquidity issues cryptocurrency exchanges face, which can lead to crises. LPs act as intermediaries between brokers and market makers (MMs).

State authorities regulate and monitor liquidity suppliers to ensure compliance with world standards and country laws. The success of LPs significantly impacts exchanges, as they are essential for the effective functioning of crypto exchanges.

Reputable crypto LPs and MMs avoid unethical and illegal schemes and promise accurate trading volumes and prices.

An inexperienced provider makes specific promises about prices, trends, or volumes and participates in pump-and-dump schemes and wash-trading. On the other hand, a proper provider keeps promises, maintains a pre-defined bid-ask spread service level, and supports crypto projects by offering introductions for listing on higher-tier exchanges.

List of top liquidity providers

  • B2Broker: Established in 2014, the company is now a leading crypto LP with a global client base of over 500. With multiple distribution systems, it offers a dynamic market, wire transfers in major currencies, and support for various cryptos and stablecoins.
  • Galaxy Digital Trading: This cryptocurrency LP manages $2.5 billion in assets for over 960 institutional trading counterparts. It offers competitive pricing, scalability, and compliance oversight, as well as investment opportunities in derivatives, lending, and structured products.
  • Empirica: The leading crypto LP has transformed from a trading software company to an MM, handling 20-30% of daily trading volume. With over 50 tokens and a 40-60% turnover, Empirica can help token projects achieve high liquidity and successfully list tokens on tier 1 exchanges.


The liquidity indicator is extremely important for maintaining stability in financial markets. It shows us how trading is happening based on the volume of trades. When choosing a dependable liquidity provider, it’s crucial to thoroughly analyze all available options. It’s important to closely examine the services offered by these companies, considering every aspect and detail. Ultimately, an organization’s efficiency in the crypto market relies heavily on the reliability and stability of its chosen liquidity source.


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