How to Fix ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ on iPhone 13

How to Fix ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ on iPhone 13
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If you’re an iPhone 13 or an iOS15 user, you may have experienced an error pop up with the message “Last Line No Longer Available”. This happens when trying to call a person from your phone’s “Recent Contacts” records.

Until the date when Apple releases a software update for fixing this bug, read along to find out how to get rid of it for now. Firstly, let’s understand what actually caused the issue.

When you select a recent contact to dial-up, your phone is unable to choose a line to make that phone call on for a variety of possible reasons causing the error. We discuss all these reasons in this article. Also, eSIM activation after some updates may cause the issue but it isn’t the root cause. Read on to find out ways to solve the issue in question and take notes if needed.

Unfortunately, it may be the case that activating your mobile’s eSIM while still using a traditional SIM card causes the error. The device gets confused about the line to use between both the SIM options resulting in the issue. In certain scenarios, you may also see the error if you’ve enabled WiFi calling or network selection on your mobile.

In order to better comprehend the situation, let’s first go over the many sources of the problem. From there, we will go on to possible solutions.


What is the source of iPhone 13’s issue “Last Line No Longer Available”?

The likelihood of the problem coming up can be only during the time you want to make a call. There is a chance that it might be associated with the e-SIM in your iPhone.

Recent models of iPhone, such as the XR version, usually have the option of dual sims. Moreover, the problem arises only when you use your cellular device to call using the default line setting.

iPhone users usually come up with an error stating the unavailability of a fixed line. These are some of the possible reasons behind it:


Your sim card needs to be updated:

In such a scenario, your provider will communicate to you the need to acquire a new sim card. However, do not panic if your service has been disconnected or will lapse soon. In this case, your provider might have some alternatives for you. If not, you can always switch to a new service.

Mishaps in your phone application:

Phone apps usually don’t cause trouble very enough. But even if they do, it’s not a very bad situation. So don’t worry, as this blog has some tips. You can follow to fix it yourself. However, make sure you note down or cloud back up your important information before going ahead with these. It is essential because retrieving phone logs is impossible after fixing the issue.

Issues with iOS:

A new and fresh-looking version of iOS is released every year. Although Apple tries its best, there are always a few bugs that fall through the cracks. Worldwide, all operating systems are released with minor bugs which get fixed with users finding out about them. The company releases regular updates fixing these issues and the update becomes stable.

Observe tolerance till Apple finds a fix for the error and releases an update resolving it. Only then any problems related to iOS bugs will get fixed. Meanwhile, I have listed out remedies below to solve the issue temporarily.

Dual-SIM Support:

Apple was incredibly lethargic in introducing features for dual-SIM support to it’s iPhones. The introduction of dual-SIM support involved implementing new guidelines in the Phone app, one of which seems to be causing the error. Whenever a person tries to place a call through the default line, the phone just prompts an error saying there’s been an issue.

To make the iPhone user-friendly, Apple adds software to make it learn the communication methods you use most often. Therefore, you should select the network to use with the Dual-SIM feature. The problem might be originating from the Phone app always using the default line to dial a number.

When this happens, the error “Last Line No Longer Available” pops up. Following this, the phone asks if you “want to call with the remaining line?” as an additional error.

Carrier Settings not up to date:

iPhone owners and Apple product fans have been eagerly awaiting the dual-SIM support feature for a long time. Additionally, the dual-SIM integration also requires the cellular network provider’s support.

Given this expectation, businesses involved in telecommunication networks have been preparing for the inevitable change. For compatibility, the settings for your network carrier will have to be updated. Follow the instructions below to do so.


Method 1: Toggle your iPhone’s Airplane Mode

A number of simple fixes exist to solve network issues on your mobile phone. One of the easiest ones to try is turning on the Airplane mode on your phone and quickly switching it off.

In doing so, the iPhone will get disconnected from the cell phone network and then try to reconnect when you turn the Airplane mode off. You can do so by toggling the Airplane mode quickly in the phone’s Settings app, turn it off, and quickly back on.

The Airplane mode setting can also be accessed using the Control Center app if installed. You can also turn on Airplane mode while traveling to conserve your iPhone’s battery. Swipe down from the top right to open Control Center and then switch on airplane mode. Then press on it again to turn it off.

Cellular radio, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth—everything related to wireless transmission—are all turned off when a device is in Airplane mode. But many planes now have in-flight Wi-Fi, and cellular access may soon be available on planes—so where does airplane mode go?

Even if you’ve never taken a plane trip, turning off your device’s radios in airplane mode will save your battery life. When none of those wireless radios are needed, it might help extend the battery life of your device.

Method 2: Clear Call Logs

We selected this approach second since it’s the most practical way to solve Last Line No Longer Available error on iPhone. This issue was reportedly fixed by cleaning call logs in the Apple Community.In the Phone App, go to the Recents tab, tap Edit, and then clear.

Even though deleting your call logs is a simple task, you should pause before doing so because you won’t be able to retrieve this log again. Unknown phone numbers that you’ve been getting a lot of lately should be added to your contact list.

Method 3: Shutdown your iPhone and power it back on

Almost all issues caused by bugs can be resolved by just restarting your device.

The ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ error occurring on making phone calls might also get resolved by restarting your iPhone. All of the phone’s background services are stopped on restarting and it also clears the iPhone’s RAM and cache.

Any minor issues with the phone’s operating system (iOS) or any other apps will probably get fixed from the restart. Press down on the power button and hold it until your phone restarts. Slide the slider over that appears to turn your iPhone off.

Hold the button again to restart. The Apple logo will appear on the screen when it does, release the button then.

Method 4: Disable WiFi Calling

The WiFi Calling capability is often activated by default on most iPhones. Calls made and received using this feature will use your own wireless network, not the one provided by your service provider. If you use WiFi Calling, you run the risk of having poor call quality. For better call quality, you might want to disable the functionality.Turning off Wi-Fi calling and making a phone call has worked in some circumstances. Disabling Wi-Fi calling is simple.

  • Select “Settings.”
  • Select the Mobile Data option.
  • Launch Wi-Fi Calling.
  • On the iPhone, you will find a toggle button. Turn off Wi-Fi calling by toggling the WiFi Calling option off.

Method 5: Check For An Update

Make sure your iPhone is up to date by checking the iPhone’s updates’ version. Those vulnerabilities may have been fixed in the current iOS 15. You should at least give it a shot.

A recent iOS software update may have introduced a bug in the phone’s calling system. This might be causing the iPhone to display the ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ error message. In this scenario, upgrading your phone to the newest iOS release is the top-most way of fixing it. Whenever Apple finds an issue in its software, it releases updates to relevant devices to fix the issue immediately.

  • Subscribe by clicking Sign Up on this link: Apple Software Program. (If you registered in a prior year, click ‘Sign in.’)
  • After reading the agreement, click the ‘Accept’ button to accept it.
  • Go to, sign in with your Apple ID, and then download and install the profile.
  • To install iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 software, go to Settings > General > Profile and select Install.
  • Restart your iPhone after the installation is complete.
  • Go on the settings menu and select General > Software Update.
  • Take a moment to download and install the application.

Method 6: Update your Carrier Settings

You’ll need to properly set up your iPhone’s carrier configurations if you want to use your phone with a mobile network. Sometimes, the network providers change a phone’s carrier settings even after first-time activation for improving the network’s security and stability.

In such cases, your iPhone’s carrier configuration might be buggy if you’re getting the “last line no longer available” error message. Thankfully, the network service provider also provides regular settings updates just like iOS updates for fixing such issues.

Daily pop-ups phone will read, “Carrier Settings Update: New settings are available,” if a carrier settings update is available. Now might be a good time to do so.”

How do you know when the carrier settings have been changed manually? Your iPhone doesn’t have a “Check for Carrier Updates” button. However, there is a second way to do this:

To check for the availability of a carrier settings update, in the Settings app of your mobile phone and open General settings, and click on About. If a carrier settings update is available for your iPhone, a pop-up window will appear asking if you wish to install it. Unless a pop-up displays after 15-30 seconds, it’s likely that your iPhone won’t receive any new carrier settings changes in 2020.

Go to Settings > General > About and update your carrier information.

Your screen should display the “Carrier Settings Update” message if there is an uninstalled carrier update on your device. To update your provider’s settings, select Update.

Sometimes, when you receive the alert “Carrier Settings Update”, Apple or your wireless service provider (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc.) have released an update with updated settings that will let your iPhone connect to the network of your wireless service provider.

A notice like “AT&T carrier update” or “ATT carrier update” can appear if you’re an AT&T customer.

Method 7: Switching SIMs might solve the issue

If you own a dual-SIM iPhone, a different SIM card might allow you to make calls without necessarily changing other settings.

To use the new SIM for making calls and sending messages, touch the “i” button, click on the default phone number option followed by selecting your new alternate number. In case you’re dialing a number manually to place a call using the keypad, on the top of the screen, click on the primary phone number.

Method 8: Reset your mobile’s Network Settings

Individual internet connections and connected devices can usually be deleted individually from most devices or services. Wi-Fi networks that are no longer used can be removed without disrupting other Wi-Fi connections, for example.

In contrast, if you choose to reset your network settings, you will lose all of your previously saved Wi-Fi login information, Bluetooth device pairings, mobile network choices, and VPN information.

It is a good idea to reconfigure or reset your network settings once every now and then. You can achieve this by navigating to the Settings app, going to the General menu and selecting ‘Transfer or Reset iPhone’, then ‘Reset’, and finally choosing ‘Reset Network Settings’ from the displayed menu.

Method 9: Switch To A New SIM Card

As the world moves to 5G connectivity, the network is retiring the old technology.

The device’s SIM card is from the 3G network period, and it needs to be replaced. You need to find out if the carrier is still supporting SIM cards from previous generations or not. Ask for more information by calling the default customer service number.

Method 10: Perform a hard reset of iOS settings

If the other remedies to the ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ issue don’t work, try resetting all current settings on iOS. This does not destroy your data however it is good to take a backup. Do not be worried about losing your saved settings because of this issue. Using the iOS software, users can go back to the default settings and have all of their customized preferences restored.

  • Use your local computer or iCloud to back up your phone data first.
  • In order to access the “Settings” app, you must first open it.
  • Go to Settings > General and select it.
  • Swipe down in the General menu to find and select the option “Transfer or Reset iPhone.”
  • Select “Reset” from the drop-down menu.
  • The drop-down options list has the choice of “Reset All Settings”.
  • To verify your identity, you must enter the passcode.
  • To begin, select “Reset All Settings.”

Allow iPhone to complete the reset process and wait until the Lock Screen appears on the device. If your iPhone is down to 30% battery life, it’s time to charge it.

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