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Have you started noticing this unusual blurry effect on the top left corner of your iPhone? If yes, then relax and continue reading this guide.

We understand that you surely wouldn’t want your iPhone to have an issue, as it would be a costly affair to get it fixed by professionals. 

But what if we tell you that you can fix it yourself? Yes, if the issue is seeing this unusual blurry screen on the top of your iPhone, then going through this guide and applying the methods that we have listed would be more than sufficient for you. And the best part? You do not need any expert help to perform those methods. So let us start digging into it. 


Why is the top left of your iPhone screen blurry?

Most of the time, when you start searching for a solution, you miss the reason, and that’s where the problem begins. If the top left side of your iPhone screen seems to be blurry, then the cause could be a software issue. Although the situation for every user might be different from each other, the cause for the same is only the fact that there are some software issues and nothing related to the hardware. 


How to Fix Blurry Screen on the iPhone 

There are many ways via which you can fix this blurry screen issue without any expertise. Below listed are the step-to-step solution for the same-

1- Reboot your device 

The first and foremost thing one does in most cases is to easily restart the device as it will also restart the apps and other background running software. In many cases, the reason for the same is nothing but a software crash or an app glitch, and by rebooting your device, it will get solved very easily. 

If you want to restart your device without the face ID feature, then the following are the steps to perform-

  • Hold your power and volume up buttons for a few seconds.
  • Now you can see the slide to power off option. 
  • Slide the option, and the phone will be turned off.
  • Now hold the power button for a few seconds, and it will be turned on.

To restart the device with the face ID feature, the following are the steps-

  • Hold the volume up and the side button for a few seconds.
  • You can see the slide to power off option. Slide it from left to right.
  • Your device will be turned off.
  • Now, wait for a few seconds.
  • Hold the side button of your iPhone and use the face ID feature until the phone gets turned on. 

2- Turn off the night shift 

At times, due to the night shift of your device, you may experience a blurry screen on your iPhone. Night shift is basically a mode that is designed to keep your screen colour warmer at night, and that may create a blur on your iPhone’s screen at times. To fix this issue, it is advisable and recommended to try turning off the night shift and perform it following the steps-

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap on Display and go to brightness.
  • Now hover on the Night shift button.
  • You can see the slide. Turn it off.

3- Enable the dark mode

A dark mode is an option that you can enable on your iPhone, and the theme of your iPhone will turn dark. No matter which app you use, you will find the background black. At times when you’re facing a blurry screen issue on your iPhone, enabling the dark mode can solve the issue, but to do that, you need to follow the given steps-

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on Display and brightness 
  • Go to the dark option on appearance.
  • Turn it on.

4- Update the software

If you have already tried enabling the dark mode, disabling the night shift and other options that we have listed above, then the chances of your phone having the glitch in iOS may increase. However, updating the software can still come in handy as Apple keeps releasing new updates, which fix the bugs and issues apparent in previous versions. Following are the steps to update the software of your device-

  • Open the settings option.
  • Tap on general and go to software updates.
  • You can see all the software updates available. Tap on the latest one or the one you wish to install.
  • Wait until it is installed.
  • And it’s done.

5- Reinstall the apps

If you only see the top left corner of your iPhone blurry when you open a specific application, then the chances are bright that the issue is with that particular app and not your device. And for that, you must reinstall the app. Follow the given steps to reinstall the app-

  • Find the app that has the issue from the home screen.
  • Tap on it and see if the pop-up appears.
  • Tap on remove the app from your device.
  • Now go to the app store and search for the app.
  • Now select the one you want to download.
  • Verify your face ID or type the Apple ID password.
  • Install it.

6- Contact your Apple support

Even by trying all the methods that we have mentioned here, if nothing happens, then it will be a wise option to contact your Apple customer care support and seek professional help. Now the chances of having the hardware issue are bright, and that can not be fixed at home. 


What are the causes of your iPhone screen blurry issue?

Although we have already shared the main reason behind the issue, there could be different reasons in different scenarios. Here, let us take a look at all of its reasons-

1- Software bug issue

One of the main reasons why your iPhone’s top left screen is blurry is a software bug. Although this bug was pretty evident in iOS 15.5, other earlier version users have also witnessed the same. To understand if this is precisely the issue or not, try taking a screenshot of your device, and you will be able to see the blurred screen even in the screenshot, and that will indicate that the issue is with your device’s software and not hardware.

2-Issue of day and night settings

At times, when you custom few settings on your iPhone of day and night with the given options, you may start experiencing this issue.

3- Issue with a few apps

If the issue only appears when you’re using an application and not in general, then it is quite evident that the issue is with the specific application and not your device. It may be a glitch or bug with the app in particular.

The issue in video streaming- Many users have experienced that they only find the screen blurry when they are streaming a video, and once they close it, it becomes normal again. The biggest reason behind this is the fact that either you’re using a weak internet connection or surfing a low-quality video. In such cases, try switching from your Wi-Fi to a cellular network or change the video.


Is it normal to get your iPhone’s screen blurry?

Yes, even if your iPhone is new, you may face the iPhone’s top left screen blurry issue due to many reasons. We have listed the reasons and their solutions above. You can surely try these to get the issue resolved easily.

What to do if the iPhone screen is still blurry after trying all the methods?

If you have already tried all the methods that we have shared above and nothing worked out for you, then it would be beneficial for you to visit the Apple store, and if your device is under the warranty period, you do not need to spend anything for the same.

How much do I need to pay if my iPhone screen is blurry?

If you’re witnessing this issue a lot of times and nothing is working well for you, the issue must be with your device’s hardware and the cost to repair the same will vary on your location, region, issue and service centre charges. We recommend you get it checked with your service centre first. 

Wrapping up,

iPhones always have one of the leading smartphones in the market, and getting such issues while using such a top-notch quality phone may ruin your whole experience.

Thus, this guide would become helpful for you as not only have we shared the causes but also the methods via which you will easily be able to fix the issue. However, if the issue still persists, we recommend you visit the Apple store or contact customer support for further help. For more such information, keep following us. 

If you have any doubts or queries regarding the information provided, please comment below and let us know. 


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