How to get your Clock & Weather widget back on homescreen?

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In the last few years, a lot of Android users have reported the stock Clock & Weather widget disappearing from the home screen for no reason. Sometimes the widget disappears and comes back on its own, and sometimes, it keeps disappearing and restoring. In this guide, we have explained how you can get your widget back and prevent it from vanishing again.

Why does the widget disappear?

The issue is mostly faced by Google Pixel users, but it has affected other brand’s Android devices too. As of now, there is no known reason why this happens, but it seems like a minor software bug that has affected thousands of Android devices.

According to some people, it could also happen if Google cannot find your location, we tried turning off the location for all the apps, and the Clock & Weather widget disappeared for a few seconds, and then it was updated with correct information even when the location was off. 

How to Set It Back on the Home Screen?

There are multiple solutions to set the widget back on the home screen; just keep in mind you may have to try more than one or all of them. 

Note: In some instances, the Clock & Weather widget does not show right after restarting the device; it takes a few seconds to come back on the home screen. The widget can also disappear if the flight or battery saver mode is enabled. So if you restart your device, the widget should pop up after a few seconds, and if any of the modes mentioned before is enabled, turn it off, and hopefully, the widget will pop up again. 

Solution 1) Restart the device

Sometimes restarting the device can fix the issue, and the widget pops up normally on the home screen. This solution may not work for most people but we recommend you try it at least once. 

Solution 2) Clear launcher cache

Clearing launcher cache has resolved the disappearing widget issue for a lot of people. Please follow the steps mentioned below and let us know in the comment section if it works. 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Apps 
  3. Tap the Ellipsis symbol (three vertical dots on the top right)
  4. Select Show system apps
  5. Search for the launcher you are using. (For example, if you have a Pixel device, your default launcher would be Pixel launcher)
  6. Tap on the launcher and then tap Storage
  7. Finally, clear the cache and restart your device. Additionally, you can also clear data with cache if you are okay with your home screen resetting to its original settings. 

Solution 3) Check for software updates

Make sure you check for software updates and install them if any update is available. You can go to ”Settings” and then ”Software update” and tap on ”Download and install.” The device will start checking for available updates and then show you if any update is available. 

Updating the software worked for a lot of people, but if your device is already up to date, you will have to try other solutions. 

Solution 4) Add a second widget

Press and hold the home screen until you see the widget option, tap it and then select the weather widget and add it on the home screen. Once done, the weather should reappear, and you can delete the second widget.

Solution 5) Install a new widget

Install a new third-party widget from the app store and set it on another home screen. By setting a new widget, you will find out if your stock widget is the problem or something else. If the third-party widget does not disappear, we recommend you use it and delete the one that’s disappearing. 

Solution 6) Install a new launcher

This is not a solution, it’s more like a workaround, but this may solve the disappearing issue for you. 

There are several great Android launchers; you can download and install any of them from the Play store and set the Clock & Weather widget on the home screen. Keep in mind you can set your stock widgets on the home screen if you are using a third-party launcher. For example, if you have a Pixel phone, you can set AT A Glance widget even if you are using a third-party launcher. 


What to Do If Nothing Works?

If none of the solutions worked for you, there are not many easy options left, but that does not mean the problem can’t be fixed anymore. According to some people, enabling device location works, and the weather widget stops disappearing.

So you can try that if you want, but if the location is off, the widget can disappear only for a few seconds and then comes back even if you don’t enable location. So we have no explanation why it would fix the issue, but it works for some people, so there is no harm in trying that. 

The best option would be to take your device to an authorized repair store and get it fixed. 

There are still some ways to fix the widget issue, but the process would be too long and complicated for an average user. Also, a lot of people would not want to flash a ROM to fix a minor issue like this. 



Why is my weather widget showing the wrong city?

There can be multiple reasons behind the weather widget showing the wrong city, the most common reasons are disabled location and weather widget not updating when your location changes, and it could also happen if your widget is set to show that particular city’s weather and time instead of the city you are in. Make sure the location is enabled and try manually updating the widget and try changing the city settings. 

How do I change the city on my weather widget?

Long press the weather widget and tap ”Widget settings.” Tap on ”Change” right next to the location and then tap the add icon on the top right and enter the city or any place name of your choice and select it. 


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