[Solved] App icon changed to green android robot

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Are your app icons gradually turning into icons of green android robots? Are you unsure about how to fix it? Well, it may not be long before most of your app icons turn into green android robots and it is hard to distinguish between them?

The inevitable question that must have popped into your mind is, is your device hacked?

The answer is no. There are several reasons why your android app icon or icons could be changing to green android robots. Before we look into how you can fix the issue, let’s look at the reasons why the problem could be occurring:

Reason 1: You Recently Updated The OS

It is quite possible for the app icons to start turning into green android robots if you have recently updated your OS. If your operating system was recently updated to the latest version and the app is still running on an old version (or is incompatible with the latest version), the app icon may change to a green android robot.

Reason 2: You changed App Preferences

If you change the app preferences from Settings>Apps>App Preferences for a specific app, it may cause the app icon to turn into a green android robot. If you recently changed app preferences for an app, it is highly possible that this is the very reason behind the changing of the app icon.

Reason 3: The App Was Updated But Icon File Was Left

If you are facing an issue with just one app icon turning into android green robot, it is suggested you try recalling if you recently updated the app. It is possible that if you downloaded an update for the app, the app was updated however the icon file was left in the update by the developer.

Fix 1: Change App Preferences:

If you recently changes app preferences which caused the app icon to turn into a green android robot, changing the app preferences back to default can help fix the issue. To do this, go to settings>apps>app preferences. No tap on app preferences and tap on ‘Set as default’. You should see something like this (screenshot below) on your screen. Tap on ‘Reset’.


This should ideally bring the icon back; however, if it does not, you can try rebooting your device before moving on to the next solution.

Fix 2: Change individual app icons

Once you locate the application, click on the icon to edit it. Press and hold it for a few seconds until a popup menu appears, then pick Edit.

Take a look at the options by tapping the symbol and scrolling down. Built-in includes all icons on your phone, including those from Android as well as those from third-party apps you’ve installed on your device.

Once you’ve selected one, the app will be given access to it.

Choose Gallery apps instead. You can either use one of your own photos or one of the icons stored on your phone. Select a photo, then press OK to crop it. Your new icon has now been configured.

Selecting “Get more themes” is the twelfth option. A link to the Play Store will be provided to download additional icons. Once you’ve downloaded an icon pack, it will appear here and you can select individual icons from the collection.

Fix 3: Change app icons on Android with an icon pack

Icons don’t have to be changed one by one. Your most frequently used apps can be updated at once by downloading an icon pack from the Play Store. This gives you complete control over the look and feels of your phone, as well as ensuring that all of your icons are uniform in appearance.

Look for icon sets in the Google Play Store. There are a plethora of options available, and the majority of them are free. Pick a few that you like and save them to your computer.

Navigate to Look & feel > Icon style > Icon theme in Nova Launcher’s settings. You’ll see a list of all the icon packs on your phone when you tap this. Once you’ve selected one, press the Home button to see how it appears.

Alternatively, many icon packs may be installed directly from the pack app. When you first open the app, you may see a list of the launchers it supports. In order to confirm your choice, follow any on-screen instructions.

How To Spot Fake ‘System Apps’?

We recommend opening the Settings Menu (sliding it down from the top of the phone) and then going to the “Apps & Notifications” tab to see whether any of these apps have disguised themselves on a phone. There is an option to view the full list of recently opened apps.

If this isn’t an option, you can view the list of installed apps by going to Settings>Apps, but the apps won’t be ordered by the date of installation.

The apps will have generic names and the Android system app icon, but they will be hidden from the user. The upper half of a “robot skull” on a green backdrop with a white grid has become the new Android symbol.

The app’s name can be tapped to open a screen with additional information. “Disable” and “Force Stop” should be available in every legal Android system app. When a scam program is installed, the only alternatives the user has are “Uninstall” and “Force Stop.”

The best way to stop and uninstall any software is to click “Force Stop” and then “Uninstall” (if the option is available). No matter how many times the user restarts the app, it will remain Force Stopped until the user runs it again.


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