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After starting the developer beta test of iOS 16.6 in May, Apple is now releasing the fifth beta of the test to developers. Alongside this release, the Cupertino giant also introduced the public beta of iOS 16.6.

The world’s attention is still focused on iOS 17, which is expected to release in September. Prior to that, however, iPhone users should first get the upcoming iOS 16.6, which is now in its fifth beta for developers and is now available for public beta testers.

It is set to officially release this month for devices compatible with the update, but it is important to note that no huge features are included in iOS 16.6 as Apple is reserving all of them in iOS 17. Yet, it is expected to fix serval issues current iOS 16 users are facing, including the reported extreme battery issues in 16.5.1.

“I actually hadn’t noticed any battery issues from the iOS 16 updates up to this point,” shares a user in Apple Community. “UNFORTUNATELY, 16.5.1 seems to have destroyed my battery. It died within a few hours of a 100% charge. My phone is not the newest so I’m not expecting a stellar battery life as is, but it was a pretty drastic difference overnight (quite literally since my phone auto-updated in the middle of the night). Hopefully a future update fixes this because it’s super bad.”

On a positive note, users with the iOS 16.6 beta reported that the battery life has improved. Also, there are reportedly improvements in calls in iOS 16.6 compared to iOS 16.5, where frequent call drops are being experienced by some.

Aside from iOS 16.6, Apple has also released the fifth beta versions of iPadOS 16.6, tvOS 16.6, macOS 13.5, and watchOS 9.6.


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