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Apple confirmed in an updated release note (via MacRumors) that the Apple Wallet has a crashing issue in the Beta 1 and 2 of iOS 17.1. According to the company, developers and public testers can easily end this issue by getting the latest Beta 3 release.

Apple is continuously working on the new features and improvements it plans to bring to the final release of the iOS 17.1 update. There were some issues in previous betas, however, which included the crashing Apple Wallet. Thankfully, this now has a fix in the third developer and public betas of iOS 17.1.

Wallet might crash on launch for some users who connect cards to bank accounts on on iOS 17.1 Beta 1 & 2 once Beta 3 is released. (116694764)

Workaround: Update device to iOS 17.1 Beta 3.

This is not the only issue fixed by the new beta, though. According to another section of the release note, Beta 3 also addresses a power consumption issue caused by a paired iPhone and Apple Watch. The bug could reportedly happen when you pair an iPhone or Apple Watch running the original release of iOS 17 and watchOS10 to another device with the iOS 17.1 and watchOS 10.1 betas.

On a side note, there are still some known issues existing in the latest beta of iOS 17.1:


  • Repeatedly entering Cinematic mode or switching between front facing and rear facing captures in Cinematic mode on iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro might cause the preview to freeze for a couple of seconds. (116128057)

Wallet & Apple Pay

  • The connection between a card and bank account might unexpectedly revoke. (116738732). Workaround: Follow the instructions in the “Update Your Connection” repair flow.
  • If the connection between a card and bank account is revoked, some users might encounter an error when completing the “Update Your Connection” repair flow. (116738863). Workaround: Opening Settings and navigate to Apple Pay & Wallet > Connections. Remove the connection to your institution, and re-connect your card again.


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