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Investment bank and financial services company Piper Sandler conducted another Fall survey among teenagers in the US this year. According to its data, the iPhone is still the top choice among the respondents, while Apple Pay ranked as the No. 1 payment app. The survey also reveals some good news about the Apple Watch, saying there is a growth in the wearable’s ownership.

The firm conducted semi-annual research on 9,193 geographically diverse subset of high school teens in the US with an average age of 15.7 years. The survey has lots of details involving different personalities, brands, and services, but the highlight of the entire work for Apple is its win for the smartphone and payment app category.

According to Piper Sandler, the iPhone continuously dominates teens’ preference for the most popular smartphone in the US. It notes in the research that 87% of teens have an iPhone. This pleasing figure is expected to continue in the coming months, with 88% of the surveyed participants planning to choose an iPhone as their next mobile.

On the other hand, although not as huge as iPhone’s share, the survey shows that Apple Pay is teens’ top choice as their payment app. At 42%, it leads the list of the most used payment applications within the last month, followed by Cash App (27%), Venmo (20%), and PayPal (10%).

Lastly, ownership of the Apple Watch reportedly saw an increase, albeit not impressively significant. As detailed by the firm, 34% of the teens now own an Apple Watch, which increased from the 31% share surveyed last year. Unfortunately for Apple, it seems the interest in the wearable is fading, with only 10% of the participants planning to purchase it in the coming months. This is 6% lower than the same survey collected in 2022.


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