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A new flaw has been spotted in the iOS 17 update. According to a recent report by a duo of researchers, the update could turn on the “Passwords & Keychain” setting for iCloud.

A duo of security researchers calling themselves Mysk shared the news on Twitter, noting that different users had also spotted the issue.

“If you’re one of the few users who haven’t synced their Passwords & Keychain with iCloud and have upgraded to iOS 17, iPadOS 17 or macOS Sonoma, check your iCloud settings and make sure the option to sync “Passwords & Keychain” is off,” the duo posted. “This case was reproducible in our testing, but some iCloud accounts didn’t change the setting. The reason is not clear.”

This follows another issue the researchers spotted in the update. Earlier this week, the two also reported that iOS 17 could automatically activate the Significant Locations and iPhone Analytics under the System Services in the Settings app (Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services > System Services). Both are related to users’ location data, making their automatic activation in iOS 17 a big issue among users. According to the researchers, security experts highly recommend turning off the options.

As we noted in an earlier report, however, the issue is not new. Beta testers reported the same experience earlier, especially in the Developer Beta 8 and Public Beta 6 of iOS 17. It happened again in the rollout of the iOS 17 Release Candidate. Unfortunately, despite a series of beta tests, the problems remain unresolved and seem bigger than expected.

And while Apple has admitted that it is aware of the issue involving the two location settings, it remains mum about this newly reported iCloud Keychain problem. We will update this article once Apple comments on the matter.


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