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The electric car industry is steadily growing, so Apple plans to add some EV-specific features to its creations. This includes Apple Maps, which will soon display real-time charging availability info. Alongside this, the online mapping service will also allow users to choose their preferred charging network eventually. All these abilities are expected to be officially available in iOS 17 this September, currently in its beta stage.

Apple’s efforts for EVs in relation to Apple Maps aren’t recent. As far back as 2020, the company revealed the upcoming EV routes on Apple Maps, making it easy for users to find routes with stops at EV charging stations. Nevertheless, support for this function is still rather limited even after several years since Apple’s initial announcement. Presently, Apple Maps EV routing only supports the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Porsche Taycan. However, reports indicate that the company is now collaborating with various brands and manufacturers to extend this feature to other EVs down the line.

Additionally, EV drivers who have access to the EV routing feature in Apple Maps will get added features once the iOS 17 update drops in September. One of these is the app’s fresh capability to choose EV charging networks in settings. When this becomes available, users should be able to personalize their preferences on Apple Maps, from Electrify America and ChargePoint to the Tesla Supercharger network and more.

This setting also leads to another new experience on Apple Maps, which will provide you with real-time data on charging station availability. For example, if you opt for the Supercharger network, Apple Maps will now display the count of available charger spots at a station alongside the chargers currently in use. Additionally, the app will only exhibit the stations that are compatible with your EV’s charging connectors.

In related news, Apple Maps is also gaining the ability to download specific map regions for offline use. In the latest beta version, it even indicates that the map will suggest a download link beforehand if your provided route might encounter connectivity problems. Once downloaded, it will incorporate all the essential details to show you even when offline. For instance, opening the map should still reveal nearby places, estimated arrival time, and travel directions (driving, walking, cycling, and public transit). You can even zoom in on areas and view them on your linked Apple Watch.

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