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Apple will now allow iPhone users to identify their pronouns on their Contacts app. Using the new NameDrop feature in iOS 17, users can include the pronouns in the details they share through their contact cards.

Apple has introduced a lot of improvements and features in iOS 17, and this includes the addition of pronoun fields in the Contacts app. Though it looks somewhat minimal, this is a huge move for the Cupertino giant, which now joins other platforms offering dedicated pronoun fields to their users.

Interestingly, Apple isn’t just offering a single field where users can type their preferred pronouns. In the Contacts app, users should see three areas where they write the different forms of their pronouns, allowing others to understand how to use them in sentences properly.

Aside from those, Apple also allows users to choose their preferred language in the pronoun section. This makes the new Contacts app feature useful even for other users who use languages aside from English.

This information will be included in the details shared with someone when you use the NameDrop feature. As Apple explains:

AirDrop makes it easy to share a file with a colleague or send photos to a friend in seconds, and with iOS 17, AirDrop gets new ways to share. NameDrop allows users to easily share contact information by simply bringing their iPhones together, or by bringing an iPhone and Apple Watch together.

Nonetheless, Apple notes on the page that “pronouns are only used on your devices by supported Apple apps” and that “they are not shared with Apple or third-party developers.”

The new fields are now in the iOS 17, the iPadOS 17, and watchOS 10 updates. For more details about the former, click here.


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