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In a recent X post, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman shared that the iPhone 15 event might likely happen on September 12 instead of the earlier rumored September 13 date. According to the famous Apple leaker, “signs are increasingly pointing to Sept. 12 as the iPhone 15 event date,” but he noted that it is not still final.

The rumor about the day of the event was first shared last week. According to sources of 9To5Mac, carrier companies asked employees “not to take days off on September 13 due to a major smartphone announcement.” The report noted that there were no indications of whether the announcement would be Apple-related. Yet, given Apple’s connection with carriers and September being the rumored month for the event, there is a high chance that the line will be announced on that date.

Gurman then corroborated the claim, saying it could be on September 12 or 13. The day Apple usually holds the event and the change in last year’s iPhone 14 announcement explain the uncertainty about the date. To recall, Apple usually conducts it on Tuesdays, but the Cupertino company had it on a Wednesday last year. It explains Gurman’s claims on why it could be a day earlier. Nonetheless, the Bloomberg writer now believes that the signs are pointing to a Tuesday, which means Apple will revert to its original preference. Despite this, Gurman stressed in the post that “things can still theoretically change.”

On the other hand, the dates for the pre-order and official launch of the new iPhones remain unchanged. With this, fans can still expect the Friday of that week, September 15, to be dedicated to accepting customer pre-orders. Meanwhile, the official launch could happen a week later, which will be on September 22.

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