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iPhone 15 is expected to come out in September, and Apple is now on the move to prepare for this. The company started the production of the iPhone series in China, while the factories in India will reportedly follow soon.

Apple started its production of the iPhone 15 line in China with the aid of Foxconn, the company’s biggest iPhone maker responsible for 70% of iPhone production and shipments globally. The production is taking place at the Zhengzhou plant in China. According to reports, the testing phase of the iPhone 15 phones will be short, with mass production to start before this month ends.

Apple has great expectations for the iPhone 15 sales, with reports saying the company hopes to have 85 to 90 million iPhone 15 units to meet the expected demand. This leads to some pressure on Foxconn. In response, the electronics maker started hiring new employees, offering higher signing bonuses to lure more workers into helping the plant attain Apple’s orders.

According to the Indian news website Firstpost, Apple is also set to start its iPhone 15 production in India “in the next month or so” or “in the next two weeks.” This will signal Apple’s move to further invest in factories in India, which will soon take some of the loads being handled by its Chinese counterparts.

India currently produces 7% of iPhones globally, but Apple is reportedly planning to bump up the number to up to 18% in the next two years or by 2025. This will start with iPhone 15 line, which will be handled by the Winstron factory in India. As Firstpost noted, it will manufacture the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models for iPhone, while the Tata Group (which now owns the factory) is set to cover 5% of iPhone productions globally in the future.


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