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The new iPhone 15 series models can reportedly be capable of up to 35W charging speed. The claim follows other rumors in the previous months, claiming that Apple is indeed planning to increase the charging capability and power capacity of the new smartphones.

Website 9To5Mac has recently made the claims, citing industry sources who reportedly claimed that “at least some of the new iPhone 15 models” will have the ability. If true, there is a chance that Apple might only bring the faster charging speed to the Pro models of the line. On a positive note, the site stressed that it would benefit Apple customers already using the new 35W Dual USB-C charger that Apple released in 2022.

The new claim came at a perfect time, especially with the past claims saying the models would indeed have faster charging speeds via the new USB-C port it is rumored to have. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo was one of those reliable experts who shared the idea, adding it would only be possible through the certified cables from Apple.

Meanwhile, the report adds to the July rumor that Apple is exploring a faster 40W wired and 20W MagSafe charging capability. Leaker @RgcloudS said it is uncertain if the new capability is meant for the iPhone 15 or 16 lines, but it will be a welcome improvement for Apple’s device offerings.

During that month, the leaker also shared Apple’s plan to use the stacked battery technology. This refers to a different method of producing the batteries. Normal types rely on winding technology, wherein the strips of positive electrodes and negative electrodes are rolled inside the battery. This leaves some unused spaces in batteries. Stacked battery tech will resolve this by “stacking” the strips in layers to ensure all the areas are used. This will result in higher battery capacity, which means longer battery life for iPhones.

The tech is promising, as it is already being used in the EV industry, where high-capacity batteries are needed. But aside from having more power and longer battery life, it will also lead to faster charging. The layered and uniform distribution of the strips in the battery will also allow the heat to be distributed properly, resulting in low heat.


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